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jnthn committed Dec 6, 2011
1 parent e7e343b commit f70f20abef2a52283f3428f58d92d71b42592ce8
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@@ -8,6 +8,19 @@ New in 2011.12
+ optimizer detects missing private methods and simplifies calls (level 3 only)
+ fixed some issues when an array was assigned to itself, maybe using .=
+ implemented .wrap and .unwrap, plus wrap handles with a .restore method
++ implemented .trans on strings
++ unicode properties can be matched against in regexes
++ binding to @, % and & sigils now checks for the appropriate role
++ assignments to variables declared with the & sigil now checked for Callable
++ typed hashes, partial support for typed arrays
++ some parametric role fixes
++ can now use but operator with a type object
++ smartmatching of regexes against arrays and hashes
++ socket IO now implements .write and custom input line separators
++ implemented getc
++ implemented .WALK
++ implemented ff, ^ff, ff^ and ^ff^
++ implemented .REPR macro
New in 2011.11
+ CATCH blocks are now much closer to spec

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