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branch: nom
Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @lizmat
  2. @TimToady

    respect containers returned from seq iterator

    TimToady authored
    fixes 124330
  3. @lizmat
  4. @lizmat
  5. @lizmat
  6. @lizmat
  7. @lizmat

    Mark all Proxy use as "is rw"

    lizmat authored
  8. @lizmat

    Merge pull request #410 from niner/nom

    lizmat authored
    Run S01-perl-5-integration spec test files if Inline::Perl5 is installed
  9. @lizmat

    Increase my commit rate

    lizmat authored
  10. @peschwa

    Simplify smart match code gen.

    peschwa authored
    Providing an accepts method for StrDistance allows removal of special casing
    for the tr/// in make_smartmatch. Additionally it seems to be negligibly
    faster (~.003 less D misses, according to cachegrind).
  11. @niner
  12. @lizmat

    Make a twiddleless Mu.clone 8% faster

    lizmat authored
    For 2 attribute case, larger number of attributes are probably faster still
  13. @lizmat

    Simplify Enum.BUILD

    lizmat authored
  14. @lizmat

    Simplify Mapiter.BUILD

    lizmat authored
  15. @lizmat

    Slightly less naive Array.elems as an lvalue

    lizmat authored
    Handles the case of increasing the size and making sure we have uninitialized
    values in there, rather than whatever was left behind before.
  16. @lizmat

    Make Array.elems an lvalue

    lizmat authored
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @lizmat

    Stub missing unixxxx subs for JVM

    lizmat authored
    This unbusts the JVM build
  2. @lizmat
  3. @lizmat
  4. @lizmat

    Once a List is infinite, it stays infinite

    lizmat authored
    $ my @r = ^Inf; say @r.infinite; @r[^10]; say @r.infinite'
  5. @TimToady
  6. @FROGGS
  7. @lizmat

    Make dd() handle infinite lists

    lizmat authored
  8. @FROGGS
  9. @FROGGS
  10. @lizmat
  11. @lizmat

    Slices on auto-extending arrays now work as lvalue

    lizmat authored
    As per my interpretation of S09:217
    my @a;
    @a[^Inf] = ^4;    # 0,1,2,3
    @a[^4] = ^Inf;    # 0,1,2,3
    @a[^Inf] = ^Inf;  # noop
  12. @lizmat

    Allow adverbs inside the first part of a ternary

    lizmat authored
    You will probably still need to parenthesize the expression to avoid:
      Precedence of :v is too loose to use inside ?? !!; please parenthesize
    but now you can at least make it work.
  13. @labster

    Merge pull request #408 from labster/nequals

    labster authored
    add infix:<ne>(Str,Str) subs, skip metaop for ne(Any, Any)
Commits on Apr 16, 2015
  1. @lizmat

    Merge pull request #409 from niner/nom

    lizmat authored
    Transparently support Inline::Perl5
  2. @niner

    Transparently support Inline::Perl5

    niner authored
    This allows most of the S01-perl-5-integration spec tests to pass
    if Inline::Perl5 is installed.
  3. @lizmat

    Add .infinite as a BUILD-time attribute

    lizmat authored
    Also fixes the (-Inf..42) case (previously, this was not infinite)
  4. @lizmat

    Simplify Range.BUILD

    lizmat authored
  5. @lizmat
  6. @jnthn

    Apply 'use fatal' inside of try blocks.

    jnthn authored
    This brings us in line with S04. The new 'use fatal' implementation
    does not cause action-at-a-distance. Only one spectest needed some
    adaptation for this change, so hopefully fallout in the ecosystem
    will be rather minimal.
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