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Commits on Nov 25, 2015
  1. @lizmat

    Introduce Any.gistseen

    lizmat committed
    This method allows a developer to easily create a .gist method that is
    aware of self-referential structures (such can occur with arrays, lists,
    hashes and pairs).  This replaces the ad-hoc code found so far.
  2. @TimToady
Commits on Nov 24, 2015
  1. @niner
  2. @peschwa

    Directly box the things we want to add.

    peschwa committed
    Apparently nqp::create(Int) misbehaves somewhat on R-J. This gets us R-J
    building again.
  3. @lizmat

    Implement List.first()

    lizmat committed
    Just gimme the first (or the last with :end)
  4. @jnthn

    Fix thinko in scheduler that swallowed exceptions.

    jnthn committed
    Deals with a bunch of silent failures that made debugging harder.
  5. @lizmat
  6. @lizmat

    Make my ($a,$b) = 42,666; a little bit faster

    lizmat committed
    Instead of being 34 times slower than the equivalent my $a = 42; my $b = 666,
    it is now only 28 times slower.
  7. @moritz

    Start Changelog for 2015.12

    moritz committed
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @lizmat

    Make Str.lines 1.5x - 2x as fast

    lizmat committed
    Thanks to further simplification now that CRLF is a single (synthetic) codepoint
  2. @lizmat
  3. @lizmat
  4. @lizmat
  5. @jnthn

    Code in start blocks see dynamics of starter.

    jnthn committed
    So `my $*E = 42; say await start $*E;` now gives 42, not an exception.
  6. @jnthn
  7. @jnthn

    An exact arity match beats slurpy/optional.

    jnthn committed
    This means that a zero-arity candidate along with two 1-arg candidates
    taking optional parameters will end up winning, instead of coming out
  8. @jnthn

    Enable mixing in to enums.

    jnthn committed
  9. @jnthn

    Mark EnumHOW as augmentable.

    jnthn committed
  10. @jnthn

    Must compose Bool after Int.

    jnthn committed
    Since now Bool ~~ Int. Fixes missing roles/methods on Bool.
  11. @jnthn

    Fix BEGIN/CHECK block scoping precomp bug.

    jnthn committed
    This in turn unbusts .pick and friends in Bool after the changes to
    make it a real enum.
  12. @niner @jnthn

    Bool improvements

    niner committed with jnthn
  13. @niner @jnthn

    Fix type check for binding parameters

    niner committed with jnthn
    EnumHOW just needed an is_composed method like many other HOWs.
    Fixes regression in t/spec/S06-signature/optional.t
  14. @niner @jnthn
  15. @niner @jnthn

    Turn Bool into a proper enum

    niner committed with jnthn
Commits on Nov 22, 2015
  1. @FROGGS

    Merge pull request #597 from usev6/throws-like_longname

    FROGGS committed
    Report long name for exceptions in 'throws-like'
  2. @usev6
  3. @TimToady

    actually shift the sparse array

    TimToady committed
    BenGoldberg++ for the eyeballs.
Commits on Nov 21, 2015
  1. @TimToady
  2. @FROGGS

    make "require PAKAGE/STRING" return said PACKAGE/STRING

    FROGGS committed
    Previously it returned True on success which is not that helpful. Now we can use
    the return value as specified by S11: my $foo = (require Foo).new;
    Fixes RT #126100
  3. @lizmat
  4. @lizmat

    Merge pull request #595 from stmuk/nom

    lizmat committed
    Import a new CREDITS based on a new script CREDITS.p6
Commits on Nov 20, 2015
  1. @peschwa

    Fix RT #126679.

    peschwa committed
    The JVM backend needs type-specific getattr invocations for native Attributes.
  2. @niner
  3. @niner

    Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #592 from pmurias/tty-checking""

    niner committed
    This reverts commit d9dde76.
    Release is out, now let's fix this.
  4. @coke
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