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Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Larry Wall
  2. Larry Wall

    bump nqp rev

    TimToady authored
  3. Tobias Leich
  4. Larry Wall
  5. Larry Wall
  6. japhb
  7. Tobias Leich

    make void of repr Uninstantiable

    FROGGS authored
    So one cannot create a void instance and cannot dereference a Pointer[void]
  8. Larry Wall
  9. Larry Wall

    require ws for package declarators

    TimToady authored
    also fix not/so/temp/let to check for hyphens and =>
  10. Larry Wall

    keywords now require whitespace (unless shadowed)

    TimToady authored
    Now we parse keywords more like STD, requiring whitespace.  When we parse
    what might be a keyword, if there's whitespace after, it's always taken
    as a keyword.  If not, if the term has been defined elsewhere, we take
    that other definition.  Otherwise we carp about missing whitespace after
    the keyword.
        my \if = 42; say (if) if if; # now says 42
Commits on Mar 1, 2015
  1. peschwa

    Fix a bug related to RT #123407.

    peschwa authored
    For some reason MoarVm and JVM react differently to binding an NQPMu as
    attribute of a class. This patch side-steps this issue by stringifying a
    potential NQPMu.
  2. timo
  3. Tobias Leich

    Merge pull request #378 from usev6/nom

    FROGGS authored
    Fix test; a lot of quoting needed for Windows
  4. Christian Bartolomäus
  5. Jonathan Worthington
  6. Moritz Lenz

    Fix Str.subst(Str, Int)

    moritz authored
  7. Jonathan Worthington

    Bump NQP_REVISION for Moar sized native lex refs.

    jnthn authored
    This fixes a regression that Inline::Perl5 showed up.
  8. Jonathan Worthington

    Merge pull request #377 from usev6/nom

    jnthn authored
    Add test file for REPL to t/02-rakudo
  9. Christian Bartolomäus

    Add test file for REPL to t/02-rakudo

    usev6 authored
    (moritz++ mentioned on #perl that the REPL is not part of the design documents,
    therefore I copied one test from t/spec/S19-command-line/repl.t to a new
    test file under t/02-rakudo.
    I added two further tests for the REPL taken from RT tickets.
  10. Jonathan Worthington
  11. Jonathan Worthington
  12. Jonathan Worthington

    Add prefix:<~> candidates for native int/num.

    jnthn authored
    We can handle these very cheaply, and have them inlinable.
  13. Jonathan Worthington

    Optimize away ref taking when args are known ro.

    jnthn authored
    This only works for subs, and then only those we can compile-time
    analyze. Still, that covers quite a lot of ground for code using
    native types.
  14. Jonathan Worthington

    Annotate return type on node post-inline.

    jnthn authored
    Allows full inlining on chains like '$x ~ $y ~ $z', where the types of
    $x, $y, and $z are all known.
  15. Carl Mäsak
  16. lizmat

    Allow Failure to percolate up

    lizmat authored
    Pretty sure this is tested with a "dies_ok" in the spectest, and not with a
    "throws_like", so the test was passing for the wrong reason on (a=>-1).Bag
  17. Larry Wall
  18. japhb

    Implement IO::Path.resolve on r-m/POSIX

    japhb authored
    ONLY expected correct on POSIX filesystems, but committing now because
    "implemented on r-m/POSIX" is better than purely NYI.  Other backends
    need only support nqp::readlink to get the POSIX support, but someone
    else will need to do the non-POSIX filesystem work.
Commits on Feb 28, 2015
  1. Jonathan Worthington
  2. Jonathan Worthington
  3. Larry Wall
  4. Jonathan Worthington

    Fix JVM runner generation on Windows.

    jnthn authored
    %CLASSPATH% may end up with spaces in, and also needs the correct
  5. Jonathan Worthington

    Use decont_* ops to do unboxing.

    jnthn authored
  6. Jonathan Worthington

    Merge pull request #376 from b2gills/nom

    jnthn authored
    Update error message for $] to use $*PERL.version
  7. Brad Gilbert
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