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tag: 2010.06
Commits on Jun 17, 2010
  1. @masak

    [announce] more recent passing-tests figure

    masak authored
    pmichaud++ contributed it.
  2. @masak

    [announce] more fixes

    masak authored
    jnthn++ for suggestions.
  3. @masak

    [ChangeLog, announce] improvements

    masak authored
    pmichaud++, jnthn++ for the suggestions.
  4. @masak

    [docs/announce/2010.06] added

    masak authored
  5. @masak
  6. @pmichaud
  7. @colomon
  8. @colomon

    Unify the infix:<...>($lhs, $rhs) case with the main infix:<...> code…

    colomon authored
    …. Add support for the single-character endpoints special case.
  9. @pmichaud
  10. @moritz
  11. @pmichaud
  12. @moritz

    removed unused code

    Jimmy Zhuo authored moritz committed
    Signed-off-by: Moritz Lenz <>
  13. @moritz

    turn on the series tests; those that fail are regressions from the "l…

    moritz authored
    …ist" merge, and should be fixed before the release
  14. @moritz

    extend ChangeLog a bit

    moritz authored
  15. @moritz
  16. @moritz
  17. @moritz
  18. @snarkyboojum @moritz

    Get rotate working for Parcel again

    snarkyboojum authored moritz committed
    Signed-off-by: Moritz Lenz <>
  19. @moritz

    enable quite a few passing test files (some of them were regressions …

    moritz authored
    …of the list branch, but most not)
  20. @pmichaud

    Restore backtrace handling.

    pmichaud authored
  21. @pmichaud

    Restore List.rotate method.

    pmichaud authored
  22. @pmichaud

    Merge branch 'list'

    pmichaud authored
  23. @pmichaud
  24. @pmichaud
  25. @pmichaud

    Significant refactor of Parcel, !STORE, assignment, and the 'scalar' …

    pmichaud authored
    This cleans up a lot of holes left over from previous implementations,
    and lays a good foundation for an even better solution (resolving our
    hash and array vivification issues) that I'll do shortly after the
    branch merge and June release.
  26. @pmichaud
  27. @pmichaud
  28. @pmichaud
Commits on Jun 16, 2010
  1. @pmichaud
  2. @pmichaud

    Typo in Array at_pos method.

    pmichaud authored
  3. @pmichaud
  4. @pmichaud
  5. @pmichaud
  6. @pmichaud
  7. @pmichaud
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