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Commits on May 10, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Bump PARROT_REVISION to get random number seeding from Parrot. Fixes …
@pmichaud pmichaud Have automatically create a "config.status" file on output
that contains the command options used.
@pmichaud pmichaud Fixes to --makefile-timing flag:
  - If a recipe has a leading @, be sure to preserve it in leading position;
    i.e.,   "@time perl ..."  and not "time @perl ..."
  - Don't time "echo" commands in the makefile recipes
@pmichaud pmichaud \1 better written as $1 at line 181. 08e717b
Commits on May 11, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Speed up Rat handling significantly.
Commit 42dcfd1 changed "sub gcd()" from a 2-argument signature to a slurpy
signature.  Unfortunately, this also significantly slowed this function down,
and since it's used by, &infix:<+>(Rat,Rat), and &infix:<->(Rat,Rat),
it slowed down Rat handling and arithmetic.  This patch changes
to avoid calls to gcd() altogether, using .gcd() directly and resulting in
a ~14% improvement on the sin.t test on my machine.
@pmichaud pmichaud Bump PARROT_REVISION to get latest parrot gc improvements from bacek++ . 21f3ea5
@pmichaud pmichaud Add config.status and RAKBENCH to .gitignore. 43180b9
@pmichaud pmichaud Add infix:<gcd> and infix:<lcm> operators. b5084f6
@pmichaud pmichaud Add degenerate cases for infix:<gcd> and infix:<lcm>. a423aef
@masak masak [src/core/] make [gcd]() fail 678ad30
Commits on May 14, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Initial implementation of Parrot sub logging (sublog) -- this
enables us to log each entry into various Rakudo and Parrot
subroutines (for profiling and optimization).
@pmichaud pmichaud Add a simple tool to process the files produced from RAKUDO_SUBLOG.
For the moment it simply returns a count of the number of times each
subroutine is entered.
@pmichaud pmichaud Instrument cheat subs with x_enter_sublog opcodes upon entry. afd9577
@pmichaud pmichaud Instrument builtins/ with "x_enter_sublog". e952e29
@pmichaud pmichaud Add some more details to tools/ . 25fce41
@pmichaud pmichaud Update tools/ with some basic documentation for
how to use it.
Commits on May 15, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Move Mu.item to builtins/Mu.pir; results in 8%+ overall speed improve…
Commits on May 16, 2011
@moritz moritz [tools] document output format of ee21f4b
@moritz moritz [docs] update ChangeLog 577b759
@pmichaud pmichaud Merge branch 'master' of ec5cdf5
@moritz moritz [build] add --ignore-parrot-rev option to which allows y…
…ou to build parrot branches which are behind build/PARROT_REVISION
Commits on May 17, 2011
@moritz moritz bump PARROT_REVISION to 3.4.0 release 5f1bf60
Commits on May 19, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Add more items to ChangeLog in preparation for 2011.05 release. c691cf8
@pmichaud pmichaud No longer need to pass explicit --gc=gms to parrot; it's…
… now the default.
@pmichaud pmichaud RAKBENCH is now RPBENCH in .gitignore. 7b648fa
@jdhore jdhore Add announcement. dbc29d7
@jdhore jdhore Update release_guide da00dd0
@jdhore jdhore [release] bump VERSION 3126442
@jdhore jdhore Fix some minor incorrect stuff in the release_guide. b4a5bb8
@jdhore jdhore Assign myself to the June Release. 7860993
Commits on May 21, 2011
@moritz moritz add a passing test file 4398a2e
Commits on May 22, 2011
@tadzik tadzik Remove invalid Pod
S26 states:
After the typename, the rest of the C<=begin> marker line is treated as
configuration information for the block. This information is used in
different ways by different types of blocks, but is always specified
using Perl6-ish option pairs.

We don't parse the block configuration information yet, plus they're not
needed anyway there.
Commits on May 24, 2011
@perlpilot perlpilot Claim my traditional birthday-month release :-) 3696656
Commits on May 27, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Add :subid to :vtable entries so they can be profiled via RAKUDO_SUBLOG. 0d3c71c
Commits on May 28, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Fix Parcel.item, remove Seq.new_from_RPA (added in 037775e). 2ad1b52
@pmichaud pmichaud Move Parcel.hash out of PIR and into core setting. 64178b4
@pmichaud pmichaud Comments update -- no functional changes. c7c6779
@pmichaud pmichaud Comment updates -- no functional changes. 30809a2
Commits on May 29, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Add dummy "is rw" trait for Routines. Doesn't do anything yet, but
allows us to properly future-proof code by adding "is rw" where it
will ultimately be needed.   Also mark many of the existing core
routines that are known to be "is rw".
@pmichaud pmichaud Add take-rw, to allow taking of rw containers instead of lvalues.
(The existing C<take> function still also returns lvalues... but
now we can start to correct that.)
Commits on Jun 07, 2011
@mberends mberends [tools/] improve handling of 'git log' output from cer…
…tain git versions
Commits on Jun 09, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Bump PARROT_REVISION. e7344d1
@mberends mberends [] let --make-timings play nice with - (ignore error) lin…
…es, for example in 'install' target
Commits on Jun 12, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Update &infix:<=> to evaluate its arguments in a r-to-l sequence.
This appears to fix the @t[0][2] = @t[0][0] = 9 bug.
Commits on Jun 15, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Add PAST::Stmt nodes to enable temporary register sharing. 2482447
Commits on Jun 21, 2011
@moritz moritz bump PARROT_REVISION to 3.5.0 f234be6
@moritz moritz update ChangeLog a bit 7570802
@pmichaud pmichaud Add a draft 2011.06 release announcement. (Still needs updates.) 3fc36ba
@pmichaud pmichaud Add a DON'T PANIC note referencing "nom". 7175e54
Commits on Jun 23, 2011
@jdhore jdhore Update 2011.06 announcement with the releasename and another Douglas …
…Adams reference.
@jdhore jdhore Update release_guide.pod for 2011.06 release. 70c5ca4
@jdhore jdhore [release] bump VERSION b2bc994
Commits on Jun 27, 2011
@colomon colomon Fix (-1) ** -i bug by switching to Complex log. 1fcb142
Commits on Jul 02, 2011
@pmichaud pmichaud Peg spectest to a specific revision, since they're starting to target…
… the nom branch.
Commits on Jul 08, 2011
@atrodo atrodo Apply patch from bacek++ that adds a write barrier to rebless_subclass 89da682
Commits on Jul 12, 2011
@moritz moritz "git fetch" in t/spec, because it might be too old know about revisio…
…n a14ba49
Commits on Jul 13, 2011
@moritz moritz bump PARROT_REVISION for testing b5c1614
@moritz moritz unconfuse order of alternatives in error message b4486ed
Commits on Jul 14, 2011
@moritz moritz track branch rakudo-master of the roast repository 1ddda5e
Commits on Jul 17, 2011
Rakudo Perl Merge pull request #26 from atrodo/master
The new GC needs write barriers for certain ops
@pmichaud pmichaud Bump PARROT_REVISION. f63b825
Commits on Jul 21, 2011
@moritz moritz bump parrot version to 3.6 495578b
@moritz moritz changelog 1ebab75
@moritz moritz initial release announcement 53a9da1
@moritz moritz name our release Beijing a73d73c
@moritz moritz update release_guide.pod, bump VERSION cc373ff
@moritz moritz make spectest_update nonfatal, it fails in the release (because t/spe…
…c/ is not a git checkout)
@pmichaud pmichaud Revise release announcement a bit. 61eef48
@pmichaud pmichaud Add some release name suggestions for future releases. 9225003