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base fork: rakudo/rakudo
base: 2d0e2dec93
head fork: rakudo/rakudo
compare: Sonoma
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Commits on Nov 03, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Fix heredoc parsing, and add indent handling.
This gets us passing all the various heredoc tests in S02-literals, so
seems fairly complete.
@jnthn jnthn ROADMAP update. 1dc622c
@jnthn jnthn Some more ChangeLog additions. 68460ce
Commits on Nov 04, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Remove leftover debugging code; GlitchMr++. 64208d7
Commits on Nov 05, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Implement INIT as r-value. 0dd4514
@jnthn jnthn Fix our ($x, $y). e472c9b
@jnthn jnthn Fix return value of take/take-rw. ef70aad
@jnthn jnthn Only SET_FILE_LINE on exceptions that can. 0e41354
@jnthn jnthn A few ChangeLog additions. 0a320a4
Commits on Nov 06, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Turn candidates_matching into cando.
Turns out we had a non-spec method that was really close to doing what
a spec'd method needed. Small refactor, including to the thing that
depended on it.
@jnthn jnthn Run S06-other/introspection.t. d3b16b0
@jnthn jnthn Add nqp::p6setfirstflag to replace a pir:: op. 5f588e4
@jnthn jnthn Pull phaser run code gen out into a method. 069b2d2
@jnthn jnthn Support FIRST/NEXT/LAST in non-for loops.
Already has worked in for loops for quite a while; now should work in
the various other kinds of loop.
@jnthn jnthn Remove completed ROADMAP item. c5f8d7e
@jnthn jnthn Get an NQP build with fake infix support. aaa0cad
@jnthn jnthn Handle parsing/code-gen for operator adverbs.
Maybe not perfect, but seems fairly close, at least.
@jnthn jnthn Run S03-operators/adverbial-modifiers.t. 56203b7
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. 64c26fe
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. 5dd878b
Commits on Nov 07, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Implement :exists and :delete for associative. 692a610
@jnthn jnthn Run S32-hash/delete_adverb.t. f81716a
Commits on Nov 09, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Fix thinko in shell words post-processing.
This fixes the TODO'd tests for << foo "bar $baz" >> style things.
@jnthn jnthn Fix issue that blocked q:c working. 0961b71
@jnthn jnthn First crack at :k, :kv and :p on .[ ]. ba05e3c
@jnthn jnthn Give :v on slices the expected semantics. a5c0b31
@jnthn jnthn :k, :kv, :v and :p for .{} subscripting. bd576ab
@jnthn jnthn Run S03-operators/subscript-adverbs.t. 09e308d
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. ca9c30d
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
@coke coke This test file doesn't exist. 2c6a521
Commits on Nov 11, 2012
@masak masak [docs/release_guide.pod] signed up tadzik and masak
For November and December compiler releases, respectively.
@masak masak [docs/release_guide.pod] signed up isBEKaml
For the January compiler release.
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@masak masak [docs/release_guide.pod] FROGGS++ November release
Bumped tadzik forward to February.
@masak masak ignore a BOM at the beginning of a file
Now when somebody sets up us it, all their base
will be belong to Rakudo.
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
@coke coke run new macros test file c82d103
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Bump NQP_REVISION for deserialization improvements. 55912f8
@jnthn jnthn Handle Stash deserialization conflicts.
This fixes RT#112626, and probably a bunch of other disappearing
symbol in pre-compilation issues.
@jnthn jnthn Bump NQP_REVISION to get SC fix. ac77f28
Nicholas Clark Using --parrot-option should override the default option of '--optimize'
Otherwise, it's possible neither to call Parrot's without
enabling optimizations, nor to change the value of the --optimize option.
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. a41a483
Commits on Nov 16, 2012
@masak masak Merge pull request #76 from cosimo/nom
t/spec/S02-types/version.t depends on ICU
@jnthn jnthn Deprecate current &foo semantics. e215ee4
@jnthn jnthn Fix #`foo and friends at start of statementlist.
This makes sure we don't call <.ws> before we've populated %*LANG.
Commits on Nov 17, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Bump NQP_REVISION for EXPR improvements. 8735fe2
@jnthn jnthn Skip infixes when parsing with methodcall preclim.
STD does the same. This fixes the issue with qq heredocs that ended
with interpolation.
@jnthn jnthn Remove a now-unrequired hack. 8c8ae45
@jnthn jnthn Revert "This test file doesn't exist."
This reverts commit 2c6a521.
@moritz moritz simplify setting line number of compile-time exceptions
Also try to compose X::Comp into exceptions thrown at compile time
Commits on Nov 18, 2012
@moritz moritz replace QAST::VM with QAST::Op cecc9fa
@moritz moritz first cut at sink context
compiles the setting, but fails during startup
@moritz moritz only sink when --sink command line option is provided 3f12074
@moritz moritz Failure.sink makes the exception blow up 5574863
@moritz moritz unbreak Hash/Block distinction 3ee7808
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
@moritz moritz work around nqp::can(Junction, $anything) always returning True 6cc0d6c
@moritz moritz Revert "only sink when --sink command line option is provided"
This reverts commit 3f12074.
@jnthn jnthn Make :($a, $b) := \(1, 2) update $a and $b.
Previously, the spec had such a construct doing nothing. We'll try it
like this for a bit to see how it works out. Note, shortest patch that
could possibly work; probably needs some tuning.
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] announcement for 2012.11 c65b52b
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] logges last missing changes 6254734
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] added 2012.11's contributors 77fdf4a
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] moved 2012.11 up 3a27d4d
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] bump NQP revision 69176da
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] bump VERSION 65977d5
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] bump NQP revision 9ce0964
@FROGGS FROGGS [release] bump VERSION 22992a4
@colomon colomon Merge pull request #88 from FROGGS/nom
[release] 2012.11 "Walnut"
@FROGGS FROGGS typo in codename 9790c6c
@colomon colomon Merge pull request #89 from FROGGS/patch-1
typo in codename
Commits on Nov 24, 2012
@moritz moritz sink last statement in main program a060144
@moritz moritz sink END phasers 55daa71
@moritz moritz also sink bare blocks 8557cf4
@moritz moritz [WIP] remove explicit &eager calls from "for"
causes lots of fallout
@moritz moritz sink ops related to flow control
this busts compilation of, because nqp::can(module {}, "anything") dies; but that needs fixing anyway
Commits on Nov 25, 2012
@moritz moritz Merge branch 'qast-sink-1' of git:// into qas…
@FROGGS FROGGS throwing typed exception for unrecognized metacharacters in regexes
bumps NQP revision
@moritz moritz typed exception for "Null regex not allowed" e6e1585
Commits on Nov 27, 2012
@FROGGS FROGGS added indirection and typed exception for X::Backslash::UnrecognizedS…
@FROGGS FROGGS typed exception X::Backslash::NonVariableDollar 7bcefdd
@FROGGS FROGGS there is no self.sorry but self.panic beea5df
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
@moritz moritz Merge pull request #92 from FROGGS/x_backslash
typed exceptions: X::Backslash::UnrecognizedSequence, [...]::NonVariableDollar
@amire80 amire80 Signature.ACCEPTS(Signature)
The method was mostly written by jnthn.
@moritz moritz fix --doc option, reported by isBEKaml++ 110a8e4
@moritz moritz run test for --doc command line option 247f875
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
@moritz moritz remove ~/.perl6/lib from default @*INC
as the prophe^W deprecation notes predicted
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
@moritz moritz bump to NQP 2012.11.1
just to avoid confusion with the duplicate 2012.11 tag
Commits on Dec 01, 2012
@moritz moritz [Str.indent] ignore empty lines for outdenting 8444e8d
@moritz moritz do not indent empty lines 3ffbec7
@moritz moritz fix "".indent(*) da6569f
Commits on Dec 02, 2012
@moritz moritz [WIP] only sink defined objects
does not quite work yet, I am afraid
@moritz moritz fix find_method for types with delegation 5481c6e
@moritz moritz Merge remote branch 'origin/nom' into qast-sink-1 fd62044
@moritz moritz fix nqp::can(role { }, "anything"). jnthn++ e2f2dc4
@moritz moritz fix nqp::can(role { }, "anything"). jnthn++ 1c84805
@moritz moritz switch to real constants in 17bcd96
@moritz moritz do not sink list assignment 36e4477
Commits on Dec 03, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Start showing context, with eject marker. 6b01881
@jnthn jnthn Make panic always throw X::Comp::AdHoc.
This also means all the panics get the location included in the error.
@jnthn jnthn Color output of compile time errors. cff96f1
@jnthn jnthn Only show location if we have it.
Just hardening for the case we don't for some reason.
Commits on Dec 05, 2012
@jnthn jnthn D'oh, got red/green back to front. 71dc392
@jnthn jnthn Fix $*PKGDECL showing up in output. ff0bbde
@jnthn jnthn Updates for Cursor memory use reduction refactor. a8d2cc2
@jnthn jnthn Get NQP with highwater tracking. eb1e798
@jnthn jnthn Use highwater to give better locations in errors. 53daeff
Commits on Dec 08, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Try reporting what was expected at high watermark. 4068131
@jnthn jnthn Add a bunch of missing :dba(...)s. 0118e3b
@jnthn jnthn s/Confused/Two terms in a row/ when we detect it. 5e875b4
@jnthn jnthn A little STD alignment.
Gets us a panic where STD has one and we lacked it, plus a bogus
statement error that was also missing.
Commits on Dec 09, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Merge branch 'nom' into qast-sink-1 290cb0d
@jnthn jnthn my-scope the Parameter constants.
For one because they should be, for two because it avoids a bug (that
will need some separate tracking down).
@jnthn jnthn Sink 'handle'. f122e60
@jnthn jnthn Fix bag and keybag failures. c481a55
@jnthn jnthn Fix explosions when trying to sink typevars. 63659db
@jnthn jnthn Ensure loop bodies are sunk.
In the future we need to implement the non-sink-context loop stuff,
but since it's never worked before (except for 'for' of course) and
is untested, it's fine to put that aside for now.
@jnthn jnthn Fix nested for-loop side-effects in sink context. d4bf9e4
Commits on Dec 10, 2012
Moritz Lenz fix "handles"
this actually points to a bug in sinking some statements which needs
to be tracked down separately
Moritz Lenz return Nil from a try when an error was thrown 9831e45
Moritz Lenz fix more built-ins to deal with sink context c02d13a
Moritz Lenz work around a sink bug cd1ab4c
@jnthn jnthn Sink in CACTH and CONTROL blocks. 5886931
@jnthn jnthn Give uniq === semantics, not eq.
Also sink the for that is being gathered. Once the sink branch lands,
this should decrease memory usage also.
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. a1eff00
@jnthn jnthn Give estimates for a couple of tasks. 24e882f
@jnthn jnthn Sink when/default in CATCH/CONTROL also. f1b8fed
@jnthn jnthn Good error for unexpected closing bracket. b9b110b
@jnthn jnthn Fresh highexpect in ws, as per STD. 53e70fb
@jnthn jnthn Rename to avoid a conflict. 324cb25
@jnthn jnthn Merge branch 'stdier' into nom 183e0a4
@jnthn jnthn Bump NQP_REVISION for highexpect. 98d42b8
@jnthn jnthn Remove completed highwater task. 41a658a
@jnthn jnthn Optimize the junction auto-threader.
This makes the benchmark:

    for 1..10 { say so 9999 == any(1..2000) }

Complete somewhere around 30 times faster.
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. a308f34
Commits on Dec 11, 2012
@pmichaud pmichaud Add docs/parrot-relationship.txt, which codifies the relationship man…
…ager roles between the Rakudo and Parrot projects.

This was adopted in June 2011, but apparently never made it into
either of the repositories.  So I'm adding it to the Rakudo
repository now.
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
@coke coke run more tests. 78b53ac
Commits on Dec 13, 2012
@colomon colomon Add Texas versions of the Set and Bag operators. 798dbdd
@timo timo warn about obsolete use of . to concatenate strings.
Signed-off-by: Moritz Lenz <>
Moritz Lenz implement sub term:<foo> 9df474a
@colomon colomon Remove the commented lines from, as they contained Unicode cha…
…racters which dramatically slow down Rakudo builds.
@colomon colomon Turn on S03-operators/bag.t and S03-operators/set.t. 6e6ac53
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Make flat-iterating a bunch of Parcels faster.
Previously, we scanned the list for an Iterable, then looked to see if
there were any Parcels before that point. If all we had was Parcels
then this meant scanning the list entirely each time. This fixes it,
making an O(n**2) thing into an O(n) one.
@jnthn jnthn Fix sink/gather interaction. 76d4ac8
Commits on Dec 15, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Merge branch 'nom' into qast-sink-1 f006804
@jnthn jnthn Remove completed task; masak++. e50733a
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog a bit. 8d4704a
@jnthn jnthn Enable qww; no reason it can't work now. 941341a
@jnthn jnthn Remove a now unrequired hack. cf27611
@jnthn jnthn Prevent infinite errors when compiling setting.
It used to be OK to call panic if we couldn't construct the error
object. However, now panic always throws an X::Comp::AdHoc, so that
made an infinite loop of trying to throw.
@jnthn jnthn Split exception construction and throwing. 66b8383
@jnthn jnthn Provide panic/sorry/worry versions of things.
They all currently do what panic does, but this will let us start to
split out the semantics of them.
@jnthn jnthn panic/sorry/worry delegate to typed variants. d23ab1e
@jnthn jnthn Switch panic to sorry where STD does.
They don't behave differently just yet; this is just preparation.
@jnthn jnthn Switch a couple of panic calls to worry.
Again, doesn't behave differently yet.
Commits on Dec 16, 2012
@jnthn jnthn Fix method name thinko. 5d659ff
@jnthn jnthn Add X::Comp::Group.
It's used for when the compilation can produce multiple issues. With
this we'll be able to present those the parser can survive together,
rather than having the user have to get them one by one. Also will do
the rendering of warnings.
@jnthn jnthn Proper handling of sorry and worry.
Makes worry just report the potential difficulties (so redeclaration
of a variable is just a warning now, as STD has it), and sorry keeps
going and just collects together the errors up to a limit, then gives
them at the end or when there's a panic. Slightly different factoring
to STD since we have typed exceptions, but produces the same kind of
@jnthn jnthn Start recording mystery symbols.
Factored in a similar way to %*MYSTERY in STD. However, it keyed just
on name. This isn't quite enough, as it fails to distinguish the same
names in different scopes, meaning mysteries can be resolved wrongly.
To avoid this, we'll try keying on name and scope ID in Rakudo, so we
collect together obvious dupes, but hopefully can get righter results.

Information not used for anything just yet.
@jnthn jnthn Add X::Undeclared::Symbols for reporting mystery. dcc1f94
@jnthn jnthn Use %*MYSTERY to report [un|post]declared symbols.
Means we can correctly report post-declared types and give better
output, much closer to how STD has it. A couple of regressions in
@jnthn jnthn Make sure .message works as well as .gist. 2a36be0
@jnthn jnthn Missing return values. 0793547
@jnthn jnthn Remove unrequired space. 62a696f
@jnthn jnthn Move a sorry back to a panic for now.
Follow-up error actually seems to be worse, and STD spits internal
errors on a program just containing "@" anyway.
@timo timo properly .perl nested Enums/Pairs 5fd9c03
@jnthn jnthn Remove completed item. 4bfab5a
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. 10ced2a
@jnthn jnthn Fix line numbers in explain_mystery. 7fd7073
@moritz moritz Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nom' into qast-sink-1 70d586f
@jnthn jnthn Align variable checking with how STD does it.
This fixes the bug where @/%/& sigil variables interpolated in strings
were not checked properly, leading to NPMCA at runtime.
Commits on Dec 17, 2012
@timo timo .perl Enums correctly, too.
Signed-off-by: Moritz Lenz <>
@jnthn jnthn Start tracking variable usage a bit. e960577
@jnthn jnthn Make hash/block disambig consider $_ usage. b030c86
@jnthn jnthn Remove completed item. e2d35b8
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. 03346c0
Commits on Dec 18, 2012
@moritz moritz release name suggestion: a045381
@moritz moritz fix typo, japhb++ 0b96624
@moritz moritz deprecation notice for sink context 9fcbcb6
@jnthn jnthn Deprecations update. 47b8766
@jnthn jnthn Make "my $a; { $a; my $a } an error.
This commit doesn't break any tests and actually makes a TODO test
pass. However, it's a bit close to release to include it now, so it
goes in a branch for now and can be merged afterwards.
@jnthn jnthn Mention future "my $a; { $a; my $a }" error. 7794edf
@timo timo throw X::Item for @a[NaN] or Inf.
Signed-off-by: Moritz Lenz <>
@timo timo throw Missing on repeat without while/until.
Signed-off-by: Moritz Lenz <>
@timo timo replace .panic: "missing..." with .missing: ...
Signed-off-by: Moritz Lenz <>
Commits on Dec 20, 2012
@masak masak [docs/announce/2012.12] added 4423b87
@masak masak [docs/announce/2012.12] comma fix
diakopter++ noticed.
@masak masak [docs/announce/2012.12] wording fix
timotimo++ suggested.
@masak masak [docs/announce/2012.12] autothreding improvement
jnthn++ is right; an order-of-magnitude faster is massive
and should have a mention.
@masak masak [docs/release_guide.pod] upcoming release ascends 927e71c
@masak masak [release] bump NQP revision 1dd2a00
@masak masak [release] bump VERSION 8a1836b
@masak masak [docs/announce/2012.12] new download URLs
Because GitHub has de-provided their upload function.
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
@moritz moritz Merge remote branch 'origin/qast-sink-1' into nom c4083c4
@moritz moritz update ChangeLog with sink context changes f6ee0c9
@moritz moritz Merge remote branch 'origin/outer-bound' into nom 3c3f780
@moritz moritz update ChangeLog for outer-bound branch merge c8de2eb
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
@moritz moritz catch p5 regex adverbs after s/// a11bad6
@moritz moritz [ROADMAP] add two missing language features 69bbd1a
@moritz moritz work around missing sink context from traits
fixes "is assoc"
Commits on Dec 29, 2012
@moritz moritz run tests for "is assoc" trait c7479c3
@jnthn jnthn Mark %structural as non-assoc. 7d3e01f
Commits on Dec 30, 2012
@moritz moritz throw typed exception for non-associative operators 13e8052
Commits on Jan 02, 2013
@jnthn jnthn Teach compile time bind analysis about (|) sig.
It now recognizes such a signature as accepting anything, and thus
certain to be a successful match.
@jnthn jnthn Check proto as well as candidates in optimizer.
This fixes issues where we could end up inlining calls to candidates
that would never be reachable due to restrictions in the proto. Also,
we catch some such issues at compile time now.
@jnthn jnthn Fix incorrect exp proto. 799d759
@jnthn jnthn Improve error reporting when proto is to blame. bd41d2f
@FROGGS FROGGS possible fix for multi-method import bug
This patch allows you to import multi methods from several modules.
It merges the dispachtee lists. Two identical dispatchee signatures
dont clash yet, since I am unable to compare signatures.
@moritz moritz remove "SAFE" setting f5037ef
Commits on Jan 03, 2013
@FROGGS FROGGS fixed typos of X::Import::Redeclaration's message
The list of symbols at the end only makes sense to print if they were not mentioned before.
@FROGGS FROGGS Merge branch 'nom' of into froggs_mergemulti 8ae44d9
@FROGGS FROGGS throw X::Import::OnlystarProto
Only if both sides have an onlystar proto the merge is allowed.
Commits on Jan 04, 2013
@FROGGS FROGGS added test file import-multi.t
These tests cover the import and merging of multi subs and traits.
@moritz moritz delete old perl6doc files 70262f8
@moritz moritz fix DateTime.Date (RT #114758)' 6d4b902
Commits on Jan 05, 2013
@FROGGS FROGGS Merge branch 'nom' of into froggs_mergemulti 1685f09
@moritz moritz RT #109586: .pick on a large range has too little entropy
fixed by using nqp::rand_I instead of Num.rand
@FROGGS FROGGS Merge branch 'nom' of into froggs_mergemulti ad93780
Commits on Jan 06, 2013
@moritz moritz crude implementation of "require ::($modulename) <importlist>
only works for a single chunk, e.g. "require Test::($name) <&symbols>" does not work
@moritz moritz document environment variables
patch by flussence++
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@moritz moritz implement the rest of require + indirect lookup c072f82
@moritz moritz require + indirect names deserves a ChangeLog entry ffde430
Commits on Jan 09, 2013
@moritz moritz RT #116288: $$bytes) now retruns $bytes btyes, if available d2d2c85
@jnthn jnthn Bump NQP_REVISION. 57989bc
@jnthn jnthn Remove some ops that are now core ones. b36616b
@jnthn jnthn Some BUILDPLAN handling updates. af76e6d
@jnthn jnthn Fix $obj.Some::Role::meth(...).
Previously, it did not convey the correct self, since it relied on the
punning mechanism, which must invoke on the pun. Now it's fixed to do
the right thing.
@jnthn jnthn Make try/CATCH exception case result in Nil.
This brings it in line with the try without explicit CATCH case.
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
@jnthn jnthn Fix a broken case of autosink.
$ will not be a top-level callmethod, but will actually wrap
it in something to do Perl 6 type coercion if the method returns some
other object. This we need p6type in the autosink list too.
@jnthn jnthn Failure.sink should not throw if handled. 45c445a
@jnthn jnthn Remove bogus defined test in sink handling.
This means that Failure is now correctly sunk.
@jnthn jnthn Implement whatever star cases of splice. 099d0ec
@jnthn jnthn Bump NQP_REVISION to get REPL fix. 4eca84f
@jnthn jnthn Fix sequences with Junction endpoints. 3c475e3
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
@jnthn jnthn Update precedence of setops to match updated spec. 8edd740
@jnthn jnthn Merge branch 'nom' into froggs_mergemulti e08b311
@jnthn jnthn Eliminate $*W mentions in
This was always a hack, unrequired for a while now.
@jnthn jnthn Fix hash/array binding constraints. f083685
@jnthn jnthn Simplify and make multi merging a bit more robust.
Better duplicate elimination, and more reliable determination of what
is/isn't a dispatcher. Passes all the same tests.
@jnthn jnthn Merge branch 'froggs_mergemulti' into nom fec0ef8
@jnthn jnthn Remove out of date comment. fda63ce
@jnthn jnthn Update ChangeLog. 463daf0
@jnthn jnthn Make Junction.Str return...a Str!
Previously, it would form a Junction with everything Str'd. Thing is,
things that (fairly) expect to get back a Str when they call .Str will
then explode when they try to unbox it. This brings us in line with
Niecza's semantics, so at the very least it's convergence...
@jnthn jnthn Specialize compilation of defor to fix bugs.
This makes defor use a call to .defined, not go via the Parrot v-table
function. There were some inconsistencies there somehow for roles and
modules; this makes sure defor will never give results inconsistent
with .defined.
@jnthn jnthn Fix (my %) over-sharing. bd9bc6f
@jnthn jnthn Add missing parameterize method.
Fixes bug with providing args to an imported parameteric role.
Commits on Jan 16, 2013
@jnthn jnthn Bump NQP_REVISION to get ** fix. efac0f1
@svatsan svatsan updated tai-utc 179fd4b
@svatsan svatsan Updated release guide d0e16da
@svatsan svatsan [Release] Bump NQP_REVISION 0de5379
@svatsan svatsan [Release] Bump VERSION 59c2982
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
@svatsan svatsan [Release] Add 2013.01 Rakudo compiler release announcement. 69b53cf
@svatsan svatsan Remove Sonoma from suggested pm names 3ee51ac
@moritz moritz Merge pull request #94 from svatsan/rel-2013.01
Rakudo compiler release 2013.01