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May 10, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Bump PARROT_REVISION to get random number seeding from Parrot. Fixes …
Patrick R. Michaud Have automatically create a "config.status" file on output
that contains the command options used.
Patrick R. Michaud Fixes to --makefile-timing flag:
  - If a recipe has a leading @, be sure to preserve it in leading position;
    i.e.,   "@time perl ..."  and not "time @perl ..."
  - Don't time "echo" commands in the makefile recipes
Patrick R. Michaud \1 better written as $1 at line 181. 08e717b
May 11, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Speed up Rat handling significantly.
Commit 42dcfd1 changed "sub gcd()" from a 2-argument signature to a slurpy
signature.  Unfortunately, this also significantly slowed this function down,
and since it's used by, &infix:<+>(Rat,Rat), and &infix:<->(Rat,Rat),
it slowed down Rat handling and arithmetic.  This patch changes
to avoid calls to gcd() altogether, using .gcd() directly and resulting in
a ~14% improvement on the sin.t test on my machine.
Patrick R. Michaud Bump PARROT_REVISION to get latest parrot gc improvements from bacek++ . 21f3ea5
Patrick R. Michaud Add config.status and RAKBENCH to .gitignore. 43180b9
Patrick R. Michaud Add infix:<gcd> and infix:<lcm> operators. b5084f6
Patrick R. Michaud Add degenerate cases for infix:<gcd> and infix:<lcm>. a423aef
Carl Mäsak [src/core/] make [gcd]() fail 678ad30
May 13, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Initial implementation of Parrot sub logging (sublog) -- this
enables us to log each entry into various Rakudo and Parrot
subroutines (for profiling and optimization).
Patrick R. Michaud Add a simple tool to process the files produced from RAKUDO_SUBLOG.
For the moment it simply returns a count of the number of times each
subroutine is entered.
Patrick R. Michaud Instrument cheat subs with x_enter_sublog opcodes upon entry. afd9577
Patrick R. Michaud Instrument builtins/ with "x_enter_sublog". e952e29
Patrick R. Michaud Add some more details to tools/ . 25fce41
Patrick R. Michaud Update tools/ with some basic documentation for
how to use it.
May 14, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Move Mu.item to builtins/Mu.pir; results in 8%+ overall speed improve…
May 16, 2011
Moritz Lenz [tools] document output format of ee21f4b
Moritz Lenz [docs] update ChangeLog 577b759
Patrick R. Michaud Merge branch 'master' of ec5cdf5
Moritz Lenz [build] add --ignore-parrot-rev option to which allows y…
…ou to build parrot branches which are behind build/PARROT_REVISION
May 17, 2011
Moritz Lenz bump PARROT_REVISION to 3.4.0 release 5f1bf60
May 18, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Add more items to ChangeLog in preparation for 2011.05 release. c691cf8
Patrick R. Michaud No longer need to pass explicit --gc=gms to parrot; it's…
… now the default.
Patrick R. Michaud RAKBENCH is now RPBENCH in .gitignore. 7b648fa
May 19, 2011
Jeff Horelick Add announcement. dbc29d7
Jeff Horelick Update release_guide da00dd0
Jeff Horelick [release] bump VERSION 3126442
Jeff Horelick Fix some minor incorrect stuff in the release_guide. b4a5bb8
Jeff Horelick Assign myself to the June Release. 7860993
May 21, 2011
Moritz Lenz add a passing test file 4398a2e
May 22, 2011
Tadeusz Sośnierz Remove invalid Pod
S26 states:
After the typename, the rest of the C<=begin> marker line is treated as
configuration information for the block. This information is used in
different ways by different types of blocks, but is always specified
using Perl6-ish option pairs.

We don't parse the block configuration information yet, plus they're not
needed anyway there.
May 23, 2011
Jonathan Scott Duff Claim my traditional birthday-month release :-) 3696656
May 26, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Add :subid to :vtable entries so they can be profiled via RAKUDO_SUBLOG. 0d3c71c
May 28, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Fix Parcel.item, remove Seq.new_from_RPA (added in 037775e). 2ad1b52
Patrick R. Michaud Move Parcel.hash out of PIR and into core setting. 64178b4
Patrick R. Michaud Comments update -- no functional changes. c7c6779
Patrick R. Michaud Comment updates -- no functional changes. 30809a2
May 29, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Add dummy "is rw" trait for Routines. Doesn't do anything yet, but
allows us to properly future-proof code by adding "is rw" where it
will ultimately be needed.   Also mark many of the existing core
routines that are known to be "is rw".
Patrick R. Michaud Add take-rw, to allow taking of rw containers instead of lvalues.
(The existing C<take> function still also returns lvalues... but
now we can start to correct that.)
Jun 07, 2011
Martin Berends [tools/] improve handling of 'git log' output from cer…
…tain git versions
Jun 09, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Bump PARROT_REVISION. e7344d1
Martin Berends [] let --make-timings play nice with - (ignore error) lin…
…es, for example in 'install' target
Jun 12, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Update &infix:<=> to evaluate its arguments in a r-to-l sequence.
This appears to fix the @t[0][2] = @t[0][0] = 9 bug.
Jun 15, 2011
Patrick R. Michaud Add PAST::Stmt nodes to enable temporary register sharing. 2482447
Jun 21, 2011
Moritz Lenz bump PARROT_REVISION to 3.5.0 f234be6
Moritz Lenz update ChangeLog a bit 7570802
Patrick R. Michaud Add a draft 2011.06 release announcement. (Still needs updates.) 3fc36ba
Patrick R. Michaud Add a DON'T PANIC note referencing "nom". 7175e54
Jun 23, 2011
Jeff Horelick Update 2011.06 announcement with the releasename and another Douglas …
…Adams reference.
Jeff Horelick Update release_guide.pod for 2011.06 release. 70c5ca4
Jeff Horelick [release] bump VERSION b2bc994