typed exception X::Hash::Store::OddNumber #59

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@moritz moritz merged commit 83b15cd into rakudo:nom Feb 28, 2012
@oetiker oetiker commented on the diff Mar 1, 2012
@@ -325,3 +325,7 @@ my class X::Routine::Unwrap is Exception {
my class X::Constructor::Positional is Exception {
method message() { "Default constructor only takes named arguments" }
oetiker Mar 1, 2012

Moritz, just read your blog post. Cool.

Question: what is the idea behind having all exception classes declared in a central file and not locally?


Siddhant Jun 30, 2012 Contributor


The advantage of having exception classes declared centrally is that it's easier to find them all and perhaps thus helps in easy localizations (translations).

oetiker Jul 2, 2012

the ease of grabbing strings for localization from source seems seems to be an odd reason for moving away from the well proven approach of keeping things together that work together ... eg documentation and code (see POD) ... so keeping all the exceptions in a separate tree seems odd, especially when I think of adding new exceptions for my own classes, or would that work differently ?

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