Update World.pmc to use Parrot's PackfileView PMC #64

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this works in current master (after a similar pull request is merged for NQP) and will future-proof rakudo against the upcoming merge of the eval_pmc branch in Parrot.

@Whiteknight Whiteknight Update World.pmc to use Parrot's PackfileView PMC instead of the old …
…Eval PMC. This fixes it for the eval_pmc branch from Parrot
jnthn commented Apr 29, 2012

I'd prefer a patch that doesn't screw with whitespace too, so I can actually see and review what's being changed.


Yeah, I was just talking to moritz about that. I'll redo the patch without the whitespace changes

labster commented May 16, 2015

Closing this ticket because, 3 years later, Parrot support is on hiatus. At this point, merging this PR would require re-enabling Parrot, which would take a great deal of work.

@labster labster closed this May 16, 2015
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