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ajs commented Jun 24, 2012

I added two methods for doing buffering of IO handles and turned on line buffering by default on new handles.

@moritz moritz commented on the diff Oct 16, 2014

@@ -110,6 +111,13 @@ class IO does IO::FileTestable {
+ # XXX - DESTROY is NYI in Rakudo at the time this was written, so
+ # the following has no effect.
+ method DESTROY() {

moritz Oct 16, 2014


now implemented in rakudo-moar; but it should be submethod, not a method.


labster commented Jun 13, 2015

Because this PR reaches down into Parrot internals, and Parrot support has been suspended, I'm closing this pull request. If Parrot support returns in the future, this should probably be implemented with nqp op(s).

labster closed this Jun 13, 2015

ajs commented Jun 15, 2015

I gave up on this one a long time ago, and am happy to see it closed. Real IO support in Perl6 is going to be a major undertaking, and I don't think that it behooves the language to take it on piecemeal.

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