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2009-02 Last set of wordsmithing before release.
2009-03 Text of 2009-03 release announcement.
2009-04 A few minor changes to the announcement text.
2009-05 Final 2009-05 announcement updates.
2009-06 More news.
2009-07 Update announcement with spectest results.
2009-08 More announcement bikesh^H^H^H^H^H^Hupdates.
2009-09 fixed bad math
2009-10 Updates in preparation for release
2009-11 [docs/announce/2009-11] filled in the name "Lisbon"
2009-12 More documentation updates.
2010-01 Last announcement update before release.
2010.02 [docs/] additions to ChangeLog and announce/2010.02
2010.03 Tweak series statement in announce thanks to colomon++.
2010.04 enable three more test files that colomon++ fudged
2010.05 Some spell checking, mention Blizkost.
2010.06 un-split cognominal's personality
2010.07 Added Ingy to CREDITS; made work with UTF-8 and ignor…
2010.08 Tiny tiny tweakies.
2010.09 [release] name is Milan. Bump VERSION
2010.10 release preparation
2010.11 [docs/announce/2010.11] rewording
2010.12 [release] update changelog and add announcement
2011.01 Small fix in release announcement
2011.02 [release] Add announcement, updated release guide. Added own name and
2011.03 [release] Add announcement, update release gude and add myself to
2011.04 [release] create announcement
2011.05 Add announcements from master into nom branch.
2011.06 Add announcements from master into nom branch.
2011.07 Add announcements from master into nom branch.
2011.09 implement Match.ast and &make
2011.10 [docs/announce/2011.10] reword slightly
2011.11 Add a new release announcement, update release_guide
2011.12 [docs] Fix typo
2012.01 2012.01 release announcement
2012.02 [docs/announce/2012.02] added
2012.03 [docs/announce/2012.03] s/February/March/
2012.04 reluctantly add myself; remove duplicate masak
2012.04.1 [announce] wording fix from pmichaud++
2012.05 Some more fixes to the release announcement
2012.06 update release announcement
2012.07 [docs/announce/2012.07] ...on Str
2012.08 Another update to the yapceu/release name section.
2012.09 [docs/announce/2012.09] tie-breaking is a feature
2012.09.1 Add announcement for 2012.09.1 .
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