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What's going into Rakudo *?

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Rakudo * will be a distribution release rather than just a compiler release. This means that it’s not just the Rakudo compiler that goes in, but also a bunch of other auxiliary pieces that will make it easier for people to pick up and start hacking with. This page is where we’ll collect together our plans for what’s going into Rakudo *.

Note: Feel free to edit this. It’s very provisional, but will get less so.


Of course, a copy of the Rakudo compiler will be in the release. It may be one of the monthly releases, or it may just be a particular git revision that we are comfortable works with all the other things in the distribution. It must build against a Parrot monthly, however.


There will be a tool to automate as much as possible of the configuration, compiling and installing of Rakudo and Parrot. Most of this code can be extracted from the bootstrap portion of proto. The proto developers prefer that proto not be used in its entirety, because it was designed to have only a short life, in other words, there should be a better design.

Another tool will install, update or remove Perl 6 modules. The Panda project has code that is almost complete for such operations.


We should include Blizkost in Rakudo *, to allow access to as many Perl 5 modules as it is capable of providing access to at the time of release.


The following modules will be included in Rakudo * without needing any installation through Panda. They should, however, be unpalatable to later versions using Panda, if that’s at all possible to arrange.

  • Zavolaj
  • MiniDBI
  • HTTP::Daemon
  • SVG
  • SVG::Plot
  • Math::RungeKutta
  • Math::Model
  • Algorithm::Viterbi
  • Form
  • Config::INI
  • DateTime::Utils
  • MIME::Base64
  • LWP::Simple
  • add more here :)

Editor Support

  • perl6.vim


  • A PDF of the Perl 6 book
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