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(This content was on, which is now the place to put non-rakudo-specific standards TODO items)

  • simplified command line interface: Currently the most frequently asked question (by far) about perl6 is “how can I just get an executable that I can use to run Perl 6 programs?” At present this isn’t possible, the best we can offer is “/path/to/parrot/parrot /path/to/parrot/languages/perl6/perl6.pbc”, which is a pain. So, we need a way to package this up into a simple shell script, executable, or other item that can be placed in a PATH and executed directly. Some ideas:
    • a perl6 or perl6.bat shell script
    • add some smarts to Parrot to allow it to find .pbc files (RT#47992)
    • convert perl6.pbc to a C executable (See ‘pbc_to_exe’, recently added to the repository)
      • Update: This is the current solution
  • begin refactoring test suite
  • document/explain the perl6 architecture, and how the Parrot compiler tools work
  • determine how we will integrate/differentiate builtin functions written in PIR and Perl 6
    • Update: Builtins can now be written in Perl 6 (Link)
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