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include those from rakudo 2012.10, and remove one that was carried out in .09
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22 docs/announce/2012.10
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Some of the new features added to this release include:
* Improved coverage of Perl 5 regexes when the :P5 modifier is used
-* Correct parsing of nested pairs in quote delimeters
+* Correct parsing of nested quote delimeters
* Attributes in scope are now visible inside of an eval
@@ -37,9 +37,23 @@ The following features have been deprecated or modified from previous
releases due to changes in the Perl 6 specification, and are being removed
or changed as follows:
-* Iterable is now a role instead of a class, and no longer inherits
- from Cool.
+* Unary hyper ops currently descend into nested arrays and hashes.
+ This will change to make them equivalent to a one-level map.
+* ~/.perl6/lib will go away from the default include path (@*INC).
+ Instead %*CUSTOM_LIB now holds paths to four library locations:
+ perl Rakudo installs its core modules here
+ vendor OS-level package managers should install their modules here
+ site for local module installations (e.g. with panda or ufo)
+ home like site, but always under the user's home directory.
+ fallback if site isn't writable.
+* protos for built-in routines are now mostly as generic as possible,
+ and will be changed to be specific to the arity of the routine.
+ For example 'proto sub chr(|) {*}' will become 'proto sub chr($) {*}'
+ This affects everybody who adds multis with unusual arity to built-in
+ subs.
* Parameters preceded by a | or \ can no longer have a sigil.
* IO::Path.dir (which returns the directory part of the path) has been

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