MSI can't be installed on Windows machines without C: drive. #10

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vadz commented Sep 9, 2012

The MSI download exits with an error "Drive C: doesn't exist" immediately after being launched here. This is correct, there is indeed no "C:" drive on this machine (Windows is installed in "W:\Windows") expressly for the purpose of detecting any bugs (usually in my own code) that would hardcode "c:\whatever".

I looked at fixing this myself but I'm not a WiX expert and, moreover, tools/build/star-product.wxs clearly says that hardcoding "C:" is done on purpose -- but I have no idea what this purpose is. Still, I think it would be better to change this.


pmichaud commented Sep 9, 2012

Unfortunately, Parrot hardcodes some of its search path locations into its binaries when it is built and installed. Thus, as far as I know, there's not a way to create a Parrot binary that can be moved to a drive other than the one it was built for, and since Rakudo currently depends on Parrot, we're stuck with the same limitation.

This is Parrot issue #800.

When the limitation is fixed in Parrot, I believe we can then create a proper relocatable .msi file.

Until then, the best way to get Rakudo Star installed in a location other than C:\RAKUDO would be to build it from sources.



timo commented Oct 30, 2014

please consider fixing this for Rakudo Star MoarVM releases and let the user give a different install path in that case.

vadz commented Oct 30, 2014

FWIW I ended up using subst to be able to test it at all. But this is clearly not ideal...

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