Need a better term than "distribution"? #26

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There's frequently an inadvertent pun that takes place between "distribution" in a CPAN module sense and the way we use it in the sense of Perl 6 compiler+module "distributions". We think of "Rakudo Star" (compiler + modules) as being a "distribution", while people familiar with CPAN think of an uploaded module tarball as being a "distribution".

Perhaps the terms are in fact the same at their toot, but it often feels like it could be a point of confusion for me. And I'm not suggesting we should try to get CPAN to change its terminology... because that's probably unlikely. But I would like to see if we can find a way to avoid confusion if we can.

This ticket is primarily a place to archive proposals and discussion. It can be closed when consensus is reached, or after 6 months if someone feels that discussion isn't heading anywhere.



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For me it is more like a "Release" or even "Release Bundle".

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