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--- Rakuten Checkout module for Oxid ---
1. Copy contents from folder "copy_this" to the root of your Oxid store;
2. Merge template from "changed_full" folder with the one that currently exists in your store,
or if you haven't modified out/basic/tpl/page/checkout/basket.tpl you can just overwrite it
with the version from the module, "basket.patch" is also provided for your convenience, so
it'll be easier to track changes you should apply manually to the template. Note that you
do NOT need to upload patch to the server if you plan just to overwrite the template;
3. Go to the admin -> Master Settings -> Core Settings -> System -> Modules and add the
following lines there:
oxbasket => rakuten/rakuten_checkout&rakuten/rakuten_rope
order_overview => rakuten/rakuten_shiporder
oxsession => rakuten/rakuten_session
4. Go to Oxid shop install path/tmp and clear cached smarty templates;
5. Go to the admin -> Shop Settings -> Rakuten Checkout, enable and configure the module;
6. Enjoy!
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