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Edit in place plugin for jRails.
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Edit in place for jRails.

  # Controller
    class BlogController < ApplicationController
      in_place_edit_for :post, :title

  # Customize the action that update the value
  class BlogController < ApplicationController
    # set_#{object}_#{title}
    def set_post_title
      post = Post.find(params[:id]) 
      post.title = params[:value] # Name of parameter is always 'value'.

      # It should render a text 
      render :text => post.title
  # View
  <%= in_place_editor_field :post, :title %>

  # Pass some options
  <%= in_place_editor_field :post, :title, {}, {:field_type => 'textarea', :textarea_cols => 25, :textarea_rows => 10}%>
  <%= in_place_editor_field :post, :title, {}, {:field_type => 'textarea', :textarea_rows => 10}%>
For more details, see comments in jrails_in_place_macros.rb.

Dual Licenses
This plugin uses implementaion of in-place editor for jQuery, created by Rakuto Furutani
Implementation of in-place editor for jQuery that created by David Hauenstein is used.
Thank you.

Copyright (c) 2008 Rakuto Furutani, released under the MIT license
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