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Pprof made easy at development time.


Add autopprof.Capture to your main function.

import "github.com/rakyll/autopprof"

    Duration: 15 * time.Second,

Run your program and send SIGQUIT to the process (or CTRL+\ on Mac).

Profile capturing will start. Pprof UI will be started once capture is completed.

See godoc for other profile types.

Why autopprof?

autopprof is a easy-to-setup pprof profile data collection library for development time. It highly depends on the standard library packages such as runtime/pprof and the existing tools such as go tool pprof.

Collecting and visualizing profiling data from Go programs is a multi-step process. First, you need to collect and write the collected data to a file. Then you should use the go tool pprof tool to analyze and visualize.

autopprof makes it easier to collect and start the pprof UI with a one-line configuration. It collects profiles once the process is triggered with a SIGQUIT and starts the pprof UI with the collected data. Since it does signal handling and starting the browser, it is only recommended at development-time.

For production cases, please see the runtime/pprof and net/http/pprof packages.