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Android client for App Engine Channels API
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Android Channel API

android-channel-api is an experimental project that aims to be a native Android client for App Engine's Channel API. It wraps a WebView to act as a proxy between regular JavaScript API and the native Java implementation.

How to begin

  1. You need to upload proxy.html to your App Engine application. You can rename it to a hard-to-guess name.
  2. Create a channel and open a socket on that channel.

    Channel channel = new Channel(MainActivity.this, new URL(""), "ef32521");
    Socket socket = SocketHandler() {
        public void onOpen() {
            Log.d("channelapi", "Socket is opened");
        public void onMessage(String message) {
            Log.d("channelapi", "Recieved message: " + message);
        public void onError(String error) {
            Log.d("channelapi", "Error occured: " + error);
        public void onClose() {
            Log.d("channelapi", "Socket is closed");
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