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This is the "Rust Language Cheat Sheet". It is for users who

  • are early Rust professionals (experienced programmers, intermediate Rust users), and
  • prefer visual, example-driven content

Use cases, in order of priority:

  • "identification guide" for unknown or symbolic constructs encountered in code.
  • provide further reading from easy to advanced (Book to Nomicon).
  • quick lookup for language related problems.
  • discover constructs in the language you might not know.

Design guides:

  • have high information density; every word counts.
  • be printer and mobile friendly
  • don't repeat what's better explained elsewhere, but do state the very essence.
  • have memorable URL :)


Built with Zola, the static site generator written in Rust. To develop locally install Zola, then run:

zola serve


Contributions are very welcome. You can PR bug fixes (broken links, typos, ...) directly. I am happy to evolve the current concept based on feedback and demands. Feel free to open an issue and discuss.


Takes inspiration from:


CC0 to the extent applicable.