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Logo Rust Language Cheat Sheet

Read Online PDF

A single-page Rust resource for people who like high information density.

Use cases, in order of priority:

  • identification & lookup guide for constructs encountered in code,
  • discover parts of the language you might not know,
  • learn about Rust if you have prior programming experience.


Built with Zola, the static site generator written in Rust. See .zolaversion for the exact version the official site was deployed with. To develop locally download the indicated version, then run:

zola serve


Contributions are welcome and you can PR bug fixes directly. If you somehow ended up here but prefer not to use Github write to, or use the on-site buttons.

Constructive feedback would be most actionable, but if you just want to vent your frustration that's fine too :)


Big shout-out to all the contributors and people filing issues and pull requests for being awesome!


  • The Bronshtein and Semendyayev Handbook of Mathematics, the mother of all cheat sheets
  • The Book (some tables)
  • Idiomatic Rust Libraries (idiomatic Rust)
  • Ferris (Rust mascot by Karen Rustad Tölva)
  • Rust container cheat sheet (for data layout; Raph Levien)
  • That one IEEE 754-2008 Powerpoint deck I can't find anymore ...
  • String Conversions
  • steffahn from (for outstanding explanations)
  • eddyb for feedback and explanations


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Legal & License

Please see here for details.