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† PDF is only updated occasionally for those who can't use the "Generate PDF" button on the site; online version is generally recommended.


A single-page Rust resource for people who like high information density.

Use cases, in order of priority:

  • identification & lookup guide for constructs encountered in code,
  • discover parts of the language you might not know,
  • learn about Rust if you have prior programming experience.

Design guides:

  • have high information density; every word counts.
  • be printer and mobile friendly
  • don't repeat what's better explained elsewhere, but do state the very essence.
  • have memorable URL :)


Built with Zola, the static site generator written in Rust. To develop locally install Zola, then run:

zola serve


Contributions are very welcome. You can PR bug fixes (broken links, typos, ...) directly. I am happy to evolve the current concept based on feedback and demands. Feel free to open an issue and discuss.

If you want to contribute but prefer not to use Github, you can send feedback and comments to


Big shout-out to all the contributors and people filing issues and pull requests for being awesome!

Took additional inspiration from:

Legal & License

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