Utility classes for Eclipse RCP development.
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Utility classes for Eclipse RCP development

p2 repository



  • JFace Structured Viewers

    • TableViewerBuilder A convenient builder class for creating TableViewers with support for nested properties, sorting and editing
    • ContextMenu is an utility class to create context menus for structured viewers.
    • SelectionUtils.getIterable(): Iterate over a JFace selection in a for each loop
  • Concurrent UIs

    • UIProcess is a Job base class which allows to update the UI after the job was completed.
  • JFace Data Binding

    • ChangeTracker allows to react on changes in all model or target observables in a DataBindingContext globally. Can be used to set the dirty flag of an editor when something changes.
    • DataBindingEditorPart is a base class for EditorParts that want to use DataBinding. Provides a observable for partname and has a dirty attribute that can be registered as change listener to ChangeTracker.
    • ModelDataBindingEditorPart is base class for editors that use data binding to edit a single model object.
  • Nested properties

    • PropertyValue: Resolves nested property Strings like "company.country.name".
    • PropertyLabelProvider: LabelProvider that gets labels using a bean property.
    • PropertyCellLabelProvider: CellLabelProvider that gets labels using a bean property.
    • PropertyEditingSupport: EditingSupport that gets / sets the values using a bean property.
  • Mockups

    • RandomData: RandomData generates random data. This is helpful for generating test data for UI mockup prototypes and test cases.
  • Commands / Handler

    • ToggleHandler Handler base class for style="toggle" command contributions.