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A Playground for C++ Projects.


This playground for C++ projects lets you try out C++ features and programming ideas by setting up a safe try-out area super-fast. It is based on the idea described in this blog post.


You need to have Google Test/Google Mock installed. An easy way to obtain it is through get-me-gtest. Make sure that you define an evironment variable called GOOGLE_TEST_HOME that points to the directory containing the version of Google Test you have installed, eg:

echo "export GOOGLE_TEST_HOME=~/get-me-gtest/googletest-release-1.8.0" >> .bashrc


Enter the directory of the cloned repository and start a new topic:

cd ~/pg-cpp
. pg-setup default_construction_of_members

This will create a directory named default_construction_of_members that is equipped with a Makefile and a C++ source code file named default_construction_of_members.cpp. If you have defined the EDITOR environment variable, default_construction_of_members.cpp will be opened in your favorite editor. Make your experiments and execute make to build and test them.