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fix for overflow pool connections not being released
fixed bug with "repeatable" tasks, such as playlist trim needing too many
fixed ugly template bug, I should read the pylons UPDATING docs more often
fixes for initial config, was disabling outputs
rewrote connection pooling system and fixed the null album error
fixed bug where track without album name breaks playlist
updated to Pylons 0.9.7
update to new Amazon API for album art fetching
new unified search system
simple genre browsing
bugfix release
added current position to page title
removed has_key()
added a rounded corner masking image to album art
rounded form buttons
better song-change detection
path-based file adds
added logo and logo generation script
fix for configuring a used, but invalid port
fix for fullscreen status when the current track is the last in the playlist
fix for song changing to a track with the same title
fix for null artist names. MPD bug, bad encoding?
moved playlist back to hover() so it detects child hovers properly
added basic filesystem browsing
getStatus() javascript partial rewrite
configuration fix for misconfigured servers, will now show the proper error on refresh
fixed playlist bug for partially matching idS
status timeout increase
unicode fixes all around
fixed the stream form
added randomizer
added search
fixed playlist trim bug
added streams
changed playlist controls to icons instead of text
changed start script to add start|stop options
added Apache-compatible CLF logging
added webpassword support
added MPD password support
fixed leading "the" artists jumping bug
added the ability to change the progress bar color via css
added a hack/fix for selecting albums with an ampersand
fix for adding a complete album with an ampersand in the title
added fullscreen widget
added basic python-style documentation
changed the add entire album function to use querystrings
initial release
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