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RAP Helpers

This repository includes some code examples for RAP.

Simple RAP applications

example.rwt.simple is a simple RWT example application that uses the RWT-OSGi integration. This bundle uses a bundle activator to register its configuration as a service.

example.rwt.simple.ds is a copy of this bundle that uses a declarative service.

Single sourcing helpers

com.eclipsesource.singlesourcing is a bundle to be shared by both RAP-based and RCP-based applications. com.eclipsesource.singlesourcing.rap and com.eclipsesource.singlesourcing.rcp are the corresponding fragments for RAP and RCP. Add both the bundle itself and the one fragment that matches the respective platform to the deployment. You can then instantiate a class like this:

ShoppingCart cart = SingletonProvider.getSessionInstance( ShoppingCart.class );

For every different session in RAP, a new instance will be created. Whenever you call this method from the same session, you will receive the same instance. In RCP, there will only be a single instance.

You can find further information in the single sourcing guide at

Other examples

test.additionalhttpservice is a bundle that starts up a Jetty HTTP server programmatically on port 10001. This is useful to test RAP with different HTTP services (see bug 241210).