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test_description='checkout -m -- <conflicted path>
Ensures that checkout -m on a resolved file restores the conflicted file'
. ./
test_expect_success setup '
test_tick &&
test_commit both.txt both.txt initial &&
git branch topic &&
test_commit modified_in_master both.txt in_master &&
test_commit added_in_master each.txt in_master &&
git checkout topic &&
test_commit modified_in_topic both.txt in_topic &&
test_commit added_in_topic each.txt in_topic
test_expect_success 'git merge master' '
test_must_fail git merge master
clean_branchnames () {
# Remove branch names after conflict lines
sed 's/^\([<>]\{5,\}\) .*$/\1/'
test_expect_success '-m restores 2-way conflicted+resolved file' '
cp each.txt each.txt.conflicted &&
echo resolved >each.txt &&
git add each.txt &&
git checkout -m -- each.txt &&
clean_branchnames <each.txt >each.txt.cleaned &&
clean_branchnames <each.txt.conflicted >each.txt.conflicted.cleaned &&
test_cmp each.txt.conflicted.cleaned each.txt.cleaned
test_expect_success '-m restores 3-way conflicted+resolved file' '
cp both.txt both.txt.conflicted &&
echo resolved >both.txt &&
git add both.txt &&
git checkout -m -- both.txt &&
clean_branchnames <both.txt >both.txt.cleaned &&
clean_branchnames <both.txt.conflicted >both.txt.conflicted.cleaned &&
test_cmp both.txt.conflicted.cleaned both.txt.cleaned
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