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# Copyright (c) 2006 Shawn O. Pearce
test_description='Test the update hook infrastructure.'
. ./
test_expect_success setup '
echo This is a test. >a &&
git update-index --add a &&
tree0=$(git write-tree) &&
commit0=$(echo setup | git commit-tree $tree0) &&
echo We hope it works. >a &&
git update-index a &&
tree1=$(git write-tree) &&
commit1=$(echo modify | git commit-tree $tree1 -p $commit0) &&
git update-ref refs/heads/master $commit0 &&
git update-ref refs/heads/tofail $commit1 &&
git clone --bare ./. victim.git &&
GIT_DIR=victim.git git update-ref refs/heads/tofail $commit1 &&
git update-ref refs/heads/master $commit1 &&
git update-ref refs/heads/tofail $commit0
cat >victim.git/hooks/pre-receive <<'EOF'
printf %s "$@" >>$GIT_DIR/pre-receive.args
cat - >$GIT_DIR/pre-receive.stdin
echo STDOUT pre-receive
echo STDERR pre-receive >&2
chmod u+x victim.git/hooks/pre-receive
cat >victim.git/hooks/update <<'EOF'
echo "$@" >>$GIT_DIR/update.args
read x; printf %s "$x" >$GIT_DIR/update.stdin
echo STDOUT update $1
echo STDERR update $1 >&2
test "$1" = refs/heads/master || exit
chmod u+x victim.git/hooks/update
cat >victim.git/hooks/post-receive <<'EOF'
printf %s "$@" >>$GIT_DIR/post-receive.args
cat - >$GIT_DIR/post-receive.stdin
echo STDOUT post-receive
echo STDERR post-receive >&2
chmod u+x victim.git/hooks/post-receive
cat >victim.git/hooks/post-update <<'EOF'
echo "$@" >>$GIT_DIR/post-update.args
read x; printf %s "$x" >$GIT_DIR/post-update.stdin
echo STDOUT post-update
echo STDERR post-update >&2
chmod u+x victim.git/hooks/post-update
test_expect_success push '
test_must_fail git send-pack --force ./victim.git \
master tofail >send.out 2>send.err
test_expect_success 'updated as expected' '
test $(GIT_DIR=victim.git git rev-parse master) = $commit1 &&
test $(GIT_DIR=victim.git git rev-parse tofail) = $commit1
test_expect_success 'hooks ran' '
test -f victim.git/pre-receive.args &&
test -f victim.git/pre-receive.stdin &&
test -f victim.git/update.args &&
test -f victim.git/update.stdin &&
test -f victim.git/post-receive.args &&
test -f victim.git/post-receive.stdin &&
test -f victim.git/post-update.args &&
test -f victim.git/post-update.stdin
test_expect_success 'pre-receive hook input' '
(echo $commit0 $commit1 refs/heads/master;
echo $commit1 $commit0 refs/heads/tofail
) | test_cmp - victim.git/pre-receive.stdin
test_expect_success 'update hook arguments' '
(echo refs/heads/master $commit0 $commit1;
echo refs/heads/tofail $commit1 $commit0
) | test_cmp - victim.git/update.args
test_expect_success 'post-receive hook input' '
echo $commit0 $commit1 refs/heads/master |
test_cmp - victim.git/post-receive.stdin
test_expect_success 'post-update hook arguments' '
echo refs/heads/master |
test_cmp - victim.git/post-update.args
test_expect_success 'all hook stdin is /dev/null' '
! test -s victim.git/update.stdin &&
! test -s victim.git/post-update.stdin
test_expect_success 'all *-receive hook args are empty' '
! test -s victim.git/pre-receive.args &&
! test -s victim.git/post-receive.args
test_expect_success 'send-pack produced no output' '
! test -s send.out
cat <<EOF >expect
remote: STDOUT pre-receive
remote: STDERR pre-receive
remote: STDOUT update refs/heads/master
remote: STDERR update refs/heads/master
remote: STDOUT update refs/heads/tofail
remote: STDERR update refs/heads/tofail
remote: error: hook declined to update refs/heads/tofail
remote: STDOUT post-receive
remote: STDERR post-receive
remote: STDOUT post-update
remote: STDERR post-update
test_expect_success 'send-pack stderr contains hook messages' '
grep ^remote: send.err | sed "s/ *\$//" >actual &&
test_cmp expect actual
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