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#ifndef REPO_TREE_H_
#define REPO_TREE_H_
struct strbuf;
#define REPO_MODE_DIR 0040000
#define REPO_MODE_BLB 0100644
#define REPO_MODE_EXE 0100755
#define REPO_MODE_LNK 0120000
uint32_t next_blob_mark(void);
void repo_copy(uint32_t revision, const char *src, const char *dst);
void repo_add(const char *path, uint32_t mode, uint32_t blob_mark);
const char *repo_read_path(const char *path, uint32_t *mode_out);
void repo_delete(const char *path);
void repo_commit(uint32_t revision, const char *author,
const struct strbuf *log, const char *uuid, const char *url,
long unsigned timestamp);
void repo_diff(uint32_t r1, uint32_t r2);
void repo_init(void);
void repo_reset(void);
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