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test_description='test fetching of oddly-named refs'
. ./
# afterwards we will have:
# HEAD - two
# refs/for/refs/heads/master - one
# refs/heads/master - three
test_expect_success 'setup repo with odd suffix ref' '
echo content >file &&
git add . &&
git commit -m one &&
git update-ref refs/for/refs/heads/master HEAD &&
echo content >>file &&
git commit -a -m two &&
echo content >>file &&
git commit -a -m three &&
git checkout HEAD^
test_expect_success 'suffix ref is ignored during fetch' '
git clone --bare file://"$PWD" suffix &&
echo three >expect &&
git --git-dir=suffix log -1 --format=%s refs/heads/master >actual &&
test_cmp expect actual
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