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Alexander Salas Bastidas ajsb85

Progressive Web Developer at @flyve-mdm

Teclib' / @teclib Barcelona, Spain

Ding oxbambooxo

backend engineer


Sharjeel Aziz (Shaji) sharjeelaziz

dad, techie, code crafter, neogeographer, OSMer, tinkerer, gadgeteer, ham (K0DEV), remote pilot

@NuAxis Vienna VA

Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen mikini

Mikini Services / Vestergard Company Esbjerg, Denmark

Philippe Gregoire philippe-gregoire

IBM in France IBM ISV Enablement - IIC Nice - France

Sebastian Raff hobbyquaker

Smart Home Automation, Node.js and MQTT.

Stuttgart, Germany

Franco francodimasi

Computer Geek.

IBM Buenos Aires

Andy Piper andypiper

work @TwitterDev - community, code, and respect

Twitter Kingston upon Thames, UK

Matteo Collina mcollina

Code Pirate and Ph.D. Software Architect @nearForm, IoT Expert, Consultant, and Conference Speaker.

In the clouds above Italy

Nicholas Humfrey njh

Lead Engineer in the @bbcrd IRFS team. This account contains my personal projects and not the BBC's.

@bbc London, UK