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== bz2redmine

bz2redmine is a script to convert your existing bugzilla database to 
a redmine database. Bugzilla is a popular Bugtracking-System. Redmine
is a increaingly popular bugtracking system as well. Compared with Bugzilla,
Redmine has a couple of unique features.

Parts of the script (especially many of the SQL-statements) are based 
on the bz2redmine.php-Script by Robert Heath. See the CREDITS file for

You can find Bugzilla here: http://www.bugzilla.org

You can find Redmine here: http://www.redmine.org

== Features

* Preserves the Bugzilla Bug Numbers
* Converts most of the existing Bugzilla-Data including attachments
* Has been successfully used to convert a Bugzilla 3.4.1-Installation 
  (upgraded from a Bugzilla 2.2.18) to Redmine 0.8.4 and Redmine trunk.

== Usage

* Backup your Databases and your existing redmine installation. 
  The script will delete all of the data of your existing redmine installation.
* If you are working on a new installation of redmine make shure you ran
  "rake redmine:load_default_data"
* Copy the settings.rb.example file to settings.rb and modify the settings
  to match your needs.
* run the script

According to Alexander Zhovnuvaty the following additional steps are
needed to finish the migration:

3. Grant administrator permissions to certain users. In this particular case for users with 1, 13 ids;
update users set admin = true where id in (1, 13);