bugzilla to redmine migration rake task
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This is a rake task to  convert your existing bugzilla database to
a redmine database. Bugzilla is a popular Bugtracking-System. Redmine
is a increasingly popular bugtracking system as well. Compared with Bugzilla,
Redmine has a couple of unique features.

The task is based on the work of Arjen Roodselaar, Lindix bv.

== Features

* Keeps a Record of the original Bugzilla Bugnumbers
* Converts most of the existing Bugzilla-Data including attachments
  and relations between issues.

== Usage

* Put the migrate_from_bugzilla.rake file into the lib/tasks directory
  of your Redmine installation.
* Backup your Databases and your existing redmine installation.
* If you are working on a new installation of redmine make shure you ran
  "rake redmine:load_default_data".
* Run the script using "rake redmine:migrate_from_bugzilla" and enter the connection settings of your bugzilla database.