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Userspace implementation of a wire protocol similar to the ANT/ANT+/ANT-FS protocols. The goal is to be able to communicate with the Forerunner 310XT (or any other ANT/ANT+/ANT-FS capable device) watch in order to retrieve sports tracks.

The C++ implementation is currently available under both Linux and win. Communication with watches other than the 310XT might (610, 910XT and Swim are likely) work, but are untested. This project currently does not yet support Forerunner 405/410, but work is underway for 405/410 support. Please report your experience to help improving the software.

ANT+minus is donationware. If you are using ANT+minus and like it, we would be happy if you donate an amount of your choice. A suggestion is 10 to 20 Euros/USD/GBP. In this way, you encourage the development of new versions.

Donate to antpm

This project is in no way associated with Garmin.

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