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jmittelstaedt and cjermain Added Ametek 7270 Lockin (#144)
* Fixed some validators for signalrecovery dsp 7265.
Added checking in insturment __init__ to catch DAQ-related adapters.
Changed daqmx method names to be consistent with style guidelines.

* Added Ametek 7270 Lockin Amp and some new validator functions.
Added validators to some Signalrecovery DSP 7265 lockin attributes.

* Reverted unintentional changes to

* forgot a copyright notice on one of the new files

* Added tests for the new validators modular_range and modular_range_bidirectional

* Forgot how range works

* Made modular range tests compatible with python 3.4

* fixed new validator tests to work with *any* recent version of python
Latest commit fb8e6e1 Jun 6, 2018


PyMeasure Scientific package

PyMeasure scientific package

PyMeasure makes scientific measurements easy to set up and run. The package contains a repository of instrument classes and a system for running experiment procedures, which provides graphical interfaces for graphing live data and managing queues of experiments. Both parts of the package are independent, and when combined provide all the necessary requirements for advanced measurements with only limited coding.

PyMeasure is currently under active development, so please report any issues you experience to our Issues page.

PyMeasure runs on Python 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6, and is tested with continous-integration on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Documentation Status

Quick start

Check out the documentation for the quick start guide, that covers the installation of Python and PyMeasure.

There are a number of examples in the examples directory that can help you get up and running.