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Railslove presentations created with showoff
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This is a repository with Railslove presentations created using showoff

How to create a new presentation

First you need to install showoff and all its depencies.

Then you run showoff create presentationname within the showoff-presentations directory.

After that you cd into your new presentation directory and run ../ which will create symbolic links to the assets in the /template folder.

Alternativly, to create a presentation with Railslove template, run ./ presentationname

Start showoff presentation server in your presentation's directory

run showoff serve

Railslove Template


  • Bullet list default layout when composing a list.
  • Title and Text default layout when content has a title and text

You can assign each slide a different style and style combinations.
Available styles are:

  • opener First slide with Raillove logo (any content is hidden)
  • Agenda special layout when composing a list. It is recommended for this layout not to use a header, just use normal text as the title
  • callout shows a callout/bubble
    You can include one title (#) and one line of text. It can fit up to 3 lines of wrapped text
    • logo combined with callout, the railslove logo is added below the callout
    • supported background colors: (combined with callout)
      • green (default)
      • cyan
      • lila
      • orange (sample below includes logo too)
  • chapter-opener green background with white text in the middle
  • full-page-image single image with caption automatically take from the image's alt attribute

P.S.: test_new_template/one/ shows off these features in use

How to print (or save as PDF)

Works best in Safari.
1. Press Alt + P, this will break the presentation and display all the slides in one page
2. Print the page (Cmd + P), select landscape layout and check the print backgrounds option.
3. Print to actual paper or save as PDF ;)

How to set a timer on a slide that automatically moves to the next slide

Add the following style to the slide: auto-advance-xxxx where xxxx is number of milliseconds to wait before automatically moving to the next slide

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