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Pull github, bitbucket, and trac issues into taskwarrior
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bugwarrior - Pull tickets from github, bitbucket, bugzilla, jira, trac, and others into taskwarrior

bugwarrior is a command line utility for updating your local taskwarrior database from your forge issue trackers.

It currently supports the following remote resources:


For information on how to install and use bugwarrior, read the docs on RTFD.

Build Status

Branch Status
master Build Status - master branch
develop Build Status - develop branch


  • Ralph Bean (primary author)
  • Ben Boeckel(contributed support for Gitlab)
  • Justin Forest (contributed support for RedMine, TeamLab, and MegaPlan, as well as some unicode help)
  • Tycho Garen (contributed support for Jira)
  • Kosta Harlan (contributed support for activeCollab, notifications, and experimental taskw support)
  • Luke Macken (contributed some code cleaning)
  • James Rowe (contributed to the docs)
  • Adam Coddington (anti-entropy crusader)
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