bus monitor -- app that watches and visualizes activity on the Fedora Infrastructure messaging bus
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busmon - Fedora Bus Monitor

busmon is a TurboGears2 app that watches the Fedora Message Bus with fedmsg and displays realtime graphs about the activity on the bus.

Hacking on busmon

Get the source for busmon:

$ git clone git://github.com/ralphbean/busmon.git
$ cd busmon

Busmon needs memcached around to keep a little round-robin database of the last five minutes:

$ sudo yum -y memcached start
$ sudo systemctl memcached.service start

Install virtualenvwrapper and use it to create a virtualenv. In that virtualenv, install all of busmon's dependencies:

$ sudo yum -y install python-virtualenvwrapper
$ mkvirtualenv busmon
(busmon)$ python setup.py develop

Now busmon is composed of two parts, a message processor run as a Consumer in the fedmsg-hub, and a webapp. The hub takes messages from the fedmsg bus and forwards them via it's websocket server to the client's browser. Since you're developing, you'll also need some fake message for the fedmsg bus. You'll need three terminals to run these commands and watch the log messages.

In the first:

$ workon busmon
(busmon)$ python tools/fake-bus.py

In the second:

$ workon busmon
(busmon)$ fedmsg-hub --websocket-server-port 9919

In the third:

$ workon busmon
(busmon)$ paster serve --reload development.ini

Point your browser at http://localhost:8080/ for awesome.