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If you're submitting patches to fedmsg, please observe the following:

  • Check that your python code is PEP8-compliant. There is a pep8 tool that can automatically check your source. Bind it to a key in vim?
  • Check that your code doesn't break the test suite. Instructions for running the test suite can be found in :doc:`development`.
  • If you are adding new code, please write tests for them in fedmsg/tests.
  • If your change warrants a modification to the docs in doc/ or any docstrings in fedmsg/ please make that modification.

I didn't sign up for this!

...all I wanted to do was submit a patch!

Don't worry. If you have a contribution but the above guidelines are too much to handle, just stop by #fedora-apps on freenode and let us know.

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