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repoze.who.plugins.shibboleth is a Python package that provides Shibboleth authentication, and related utilities, in WSGI applications via repoze.who. It can be used with any Shibboleth SP and IdP servers and with any WSGI framework (or no framework at all).
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repoze.who.plugins.shibboleth -- Shibboleth Authentication for WSGI Applications

Originally forked from the work of Gustavo Narea, repoze.who.plugins.ldap -- <>.


This repo is dead. The code never got off the ground and you can already find good implementations of what I was trying to do here in pysaml2 and

-- (TODO) modify the below:

repoze.who.plugins.ldap is an LDAP plugin for the identification and authentication framework for WSGI applications, repoze.who, which acts as WSGI middleware.

It provides you with an straightforward solution to enable LDAP support in your applications. Yes, you read well: "straightforward", "LDAP" and "applications" are in the same sentence. In fact, you may make your application LDAP-aware in few minutes and with few lines of code.

Another great news is that this package is fully documented and provides you with a working and documented demo project.

See the docs subdirectory of this package for more information, or browse the online documentation

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