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+# Readme
+Hacked News is a userscript for Hacker News. It doesn't change HN's aesthetic
+style, instead it realigns parts of the layout for consistency and readability.
+This userscript is intended to improve HN's usability in the most efficient way
+## Improvements
+- Comments are now limited in width
+- Upvote buttons have bigger click areas
+- Verdana has been swapped out for Helvetica
+- Hover states are now clear and well defined
+- Contrast has been lessened slightly
+- Ranking numbers have been made invisible, but are still accessible to screen
+ readers
+## Usage
+I wrote this for Chrome. Simply open hn.user.js in Chrome and Chrome should
+interperate it as an extension, asking you for installation permission.
+In theory this userscript should work fine in Firefox, Safari, and Opera. If
+you get it working in one of these browsers please let me know the details and
+I'll update this readme with correct instructions.

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