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?? ??? 20??, PHP 7.0.0
. Fixed bug #66242 (libmagic: don't assume char is signed). (ArdB)
- CLI server:
. Refactor MIME type handling to use a hash table instead of linear search.
. Update the MIME type list from the one shipped by Apache HTTPD. (Adam)
- Core:
. Fixed bug #68104 (Segfault while pre-evaluating a disabled function).
. Fixed bug #68252 (segfault in Zend/zend_hash.c in function
_zend_hash_del_el). (Laruence)
. Added PHP_INT_MIN constant. (Andrea)
. Added Closure::call() method. (Andrea)
. Implemented FR #38409 (parse_ini_file() looses the type of booleans). (Tjerk)
. Fixed #67959 (Segfault when calling phpversion('spl')). (Florian)
. Implemented the RFC `Catchable "Call to a member function bar() on a
non-object"` (Timm)
- Reflection
. Fixed inheritance chain of Reflector interface (Tjerk)
- DBA:
. Fixed bug #62490 (dba_delete returns true on missing item (inifile)). (Mike)
- FPM:
. Fixed bug #65933 (Cannot specify config lines longer than 1024 bytes). (Chris Wright)
- Standard:
. Removed call_user_method() and call_user_method_array() functions. (Kalle)
. Fix user session handlers (See rfc:session.user.return-value). (Sara)
. Added intdiv() function. (Andrea)
. Improved precision of log() function for base 2 and 10. (Marc Bennewitz)
- XSL:
. Fixed bug #64776 (The XSLT extension is not thread safe). (Mike)
- GD:
. Made fontFetch's path parser thread-safe. (Sara)
- Session:
. Fixed bug #67694 (Regression in session_regenerate_id()). (Tjerk)
- SPL:
. Implemented #67886 (SplPriorityQueue/SplHeap doesn't expose extractFlags
nor curruption state). (Julien)
- DOM:
. Made DOMNode::textContent writeable. (Tjerk)
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