Node.js wrapper around vanitygen. Hack. Use at own risk!
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This is a quick hack to wrap vanitygen into node. Currently assumes you have a the vanitygen binary in your $PATH. Yeah it sucks but I don't care about that right now. Later on it would be cool if the vanitygen source code could be bundled and built on the correct architecture.


Call vanitygen with an array of prefixes. Note that some prefixes are invalid, for example bitcoin addresses starting with '1l'. The reason in this case I believe is because the number '1' is very close to the letter 'l'.

var vanitygen = require('vanitygen')
vanitygen(['1LMS', '1LMP'], function (err, result) {

It returns an array of keys that match your custom prefix. Note that the longer the prefixes the longer time it takes for vanitygen to find a correct hash. You'll have to experiment with how long you want/need them to be.

  keys: [
      pattern: '1LMP',
      address: { 
        public: '1LMPxWETHHvebKJGnhc8dZoZ853KTwok2j',
        private: '5J2unf7zBu14CzEtPkkKcJF....'
      pattern: '1LMS',
      address: { 
        public: '1LMSTv2GUxJqdLDot1xUzkQUrLtF8Ub3qq',
  time: 409