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import uuid
import requests
class VersionManager(object):
class TorVersion(object):
stable = None
unstable = None
def is_latest_stable(self, version):
if self.stable is None:
return None
return str(version) == self.stable
def is_latest_unstable(self, version):
if self.unstable is None:
return None
return str(version) == self.unstable
class BoxVersion(object):
def __init__(self):
self.version = None
self.message = None
def latest_version(self):
if self.version is None:
return None
latest = '{}.{}'.format(self.version[0], self.version[1])
if self.version[2] != 0:
latest += '.{}'.format(self.version[2])
return latest
def is_latest_tag(self, tag):
if self.version is None:
return None
t2v = self.tag2version(tag)
if self.tag_is_RC(tag) is True:
# if tag is an RC, a non RC version with same number is the latest one!
return t2v > self.version
return t2v >= self.version
# returns a version tuple
def tag2version(tag):
if tag[0] == 'v':
tag = tag[1:]
tag = tag.lower().split('rc')[0] # strip 'RC..'
tag = tag.lower().split('dev')[0] # strip 'dev'
tag = tag.lower().split('post')[0] # strip 'post'
if tag[-1:] == '.':
tag = tag[:-1]
v = tag.split('.')
v = [int(y) for y in v] # string to int
while len(v) < 3:
return tuple(v[:3])
# check if tag has 'rc' in it
def tag_is_RC(tag):
tags = tag.lower().split('rc')
return len(tags) > 1
def __init__(self, proxy, current_version, system, release): = uuid.uuid4().hex
self.proxy = proxy
self.Tor = self.TorVersion()
self.Box = self.BoxVersion()
self.version = current_version
self.system = system
self.release = release
def update(self):
# No service without proxy!
if self.proxy is None:
return False
proxy_address = self.proxy.address()
if proxy_address is None:
return False
# v4.0
proxies = {
'http': 'socks5h://' + proxy_address,
'https': 'socks5h://' + proxy_address
payload = {
'protocol': __VERSION_PROTOCOL__,
'version': self.version,
'system': self.system,
'release': self.release
address = 'http://t527moy64zwxsfhb.onion/{}/check.html'.format(
r = None
r = requests.get(address, proxies=proxies, params=payload, timeout=10)
except Exception as exc:
if r is None:
return False
if r.status_code != 200:
return False
back = r.json()
if 'protocol' not in back:
return False
if int(back['protocol']) != __VERSION_PROTOCOL__:
return False
# 'protocol': 2
# 'tor':
# 'stable': latest stable tor version
# 'unstable': latest unstable (alpha, rc) tor version
# 'box':
# 'latest': [a, b, c] version number of latest release
# 'message': Message returned from the Update Service
if 'tor' in back:
_tor = back['tor']
if 'stable' in _tor:
self.Tor.stable = _tor['stable']
if 'unstable' in _tor:
self.Tor.unstable = _tor['unstable']
if 'box' in back:
_box = back['box']
if 'latest' in _box:
latest = _box['latest']
while len(latest) < 3:
self.Box.version = tuple(latest[:3])
if 'message' in _box:
self.Box.message = _box['message']
return True
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