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wamp2spring is a Java implementation of the WAMP specification built on top of the WebSocket support of Spring 5.
WAMP is a WebSocket subprotocol that provides two application messaging patterns: Remote Procedure Calls and Publish / Subscribe.


wamp2spring implements the Basic Profile, but it does not support multiple realms in one application. Every connection, registration and subscription exists in the same realm and wamp2spring ignores the realm parameter of the HELLO message.

Additionally wamp2spring implements a few features from the Advanced Profile:

Feature Remark
caller_identification disclose_me option in the CALL message. Specification
subscriber_blackwhite_listing Exclude and include receivers with their WAMP session id. Only eligible and exclude options are implemented. Specification.
publisher_exclusion exclude_me option in the PUBLISH message. By default the publisher is excluded from receiving the EVENT message. Specification
publisher_identification disclose_me option in the PUBLISH message. Specification
pattern_based_subscription Prefix- and wildcard matching policies for subscriptions. Specification
event_retention Specification

wamp2spring supports JSON (wamp.2.json) and MessagePack (wamp.2.msgpack) required by the Basic Profile. In addition it supports CBOR (wamp.2.cbor) and SMILE (

Currently wamp2spring does not support a fallback solution when peers cannot establish WebSocket connections. autobahn-js implements a fallback with long polling. You find the description about the protocol in the specification (Section So far I don't have a need for a fallback solution because WebSocket works fine especially when it's sent over TLS connections. But when there is a need I will try to add this fallback solution. Pull requests are always welcome.


See Wiki


See Wiki

Example applications

You find a collection of example applications in the wamp2spring-demo GitHub repository.


See Wiki

More information

See Wiki


Code released under the Apache license.