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Introducing DeVicenzo

What is it?

A web browser. It has more or less the usual features:

  • Multiple tabs
  • Shows webpages
  • Bookmarks


What is different about it?

It's based on Qt's QtWebEngine, a port of the Chrome engine. All DeVicenzo adds is what used to be called the "chrome" around it. Yes, that is confusing.

But basically: it's just the UI on top of QtWebEngine so that it becomes somewhat usable.

And it's done in under 256 lines of properly formatted Python code.


Because I like to show off how expressive Python is, and how powerful Qt and PySide (and formerly PyQt) are, so I wrote it.

No, really, why?

Why as in "why should I use it?" You probably douldn't! I know I don't!

If I were to come up with a motive: it surely doesn't spy on you except on how webpages in general spy on you? Also, deleting a single file should make it forget all about you.

Why the name?

Ernesto DeVicenzo was a golfer. This is sort of code golf. So, it has a golfer's name.

How do I use it?

If you have PySide2 installed in your system just execute If you don't, create a python virtualenv and install pyside2 in it then execute

If that made no sense ... well, this is probably not the right browser for you :-) I may do some installers at some point but don't hold your breath.

Define "256 lines of properly formatted Python code"

  • Formatted using black
  • No flake8 violations other than longish lines (nothing ridiculous)
  • Sloccount reports < 256 LOC

How can I contribute?

Why would you? Are you bored or something? But hey, patches welcome, I guess?


A PySide2 (Qt for Python) web browser, guaranteed to be under 256 lines of properly formatted code.



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