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New in 6.0.1
* New Russian translation
* Made ``private`` an alternate spelling of the ``retired`` tag (via Issue
* Complain about decoding errors if files are not proper UTF-8 (Issue #691)
* Galleries ignore *.JPG and *.PNG (Issue #690)
New in 6.0.0
* Deprecated post_compilers for COMPILERS (Issue #601)
* Replaced post_pages option with POSTS and PAGES (Issue #601)
* Support for bootswatch in boostrap 2 and 3 (Issue #599)
* New ADDITIONAL_METADATA option to set extra metadata on all posts.
* All reStructuredText extensions are now plugins (Issue #621)
* New multiple comment system support (Issue #606, #634)
* Deprecated DISQUS_FORUM option for COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID
* New COMMENT_SYSTEM option to change comment systems, defaults to disqus
* New bootstrap3 theme (by areski)
* Added docs/upgrading-to-v6.txt for upgrade tips.
* Theme cleanup (Issue #599)
* Support for nested navigation links (Issue #104)
* New media directive for reStructuredText (Issue #608)
* New DEPLOY_DRAFTS and DEPLOY_FUTURE options (Issue #583)
* New Dutch translation
* Optional hyphenation (HYPHENATE option, Issue #576)
* Made AddThis support replaceable through new SOCIAL_BUTTONS_CODE option.
* categories
* Added a FUTURE_IS_NOW option for publishing future-dated posts now (Issues #486, #577)
* New typogrify filter (Issue #576)
* New COPY_SOURCES option, defaults to True (Issue #544)
* Customizable Read More (Issues #412, #533, #574)
* Support for LESS/RECESS CSS compilers
* Updated to Colorbox 1.4.27
* New pandoc compiler.
* Separate slides.tmpl template so that non-bootstrap themes can support them.
* New ADDITIONAL_METADATA option to specify metadata to include in the new_post
command, alongside with the defaults (Issue #622)
* Schedule new posts automatically by specifying an iCal recursive rule as
SCHEDULE_RULE (Issue #602)
* Added missing rel="self" link suggested by (Issue #264)
* Switched to semantic versioning (Issue #614)
* Better figure styling (Issue #626)
* Switched docutils math rendering to MathJax (Issue #620)
* Refactored crumb bar into a separate tmpl to avoid code duplication (Issue #612)
* Fix broken config dep for tags when NAVIGATION_LINKS is not set (Issue #610)
* Fixed bundles in base theme
* Deprecated ANALYTICS, replaced with BODY_END (Issue #601)
* Deprecated SIDEBAR_LINKS, replaced with NAVIGATION_LINKS (Issue #104 #601)
* Solve site theme's navbar overlapping Issues (Issue #585)
* Deprecated ADD_THIS_BUTTONS option.
* Show warning if unable to thumbnail an image (Issue #551)
* Use absolute URLs in feeds (Issue #590)
* Fix for mincss path munging (Issues #570 #589)
* Added missing dependency in gallery indexes (Issue #536)
* Anchors in listings had wrong filename slugs
* Only warn about incomplete translations once (Issue #580)
* Right-align image title in colorbox to avoid overlapping so much (Mentioned in Issue #570)
* Added LICENSE in the footer (Issue #528)
* Use random IDs for slides so you can have more than one in a page (Issue #572)
New in 5.5.1
* New FEED_LENGTH option, defaults to 10 (Issue #549)
* Added no-cache headers to ``nikola serve`` (Issue #545)
* New mincss command, removes unused and redundant CSS (Issue #364)
* New chart directive based on pygal
* Update of IPython plugin to work with the upcoming IPython 1.0
* Remove cache/ when running ``nikola clean`` (Issue #558)
* Mark bundles as "cleanable" (Issue #558)
* Made ``nikola help`` much more resilient against broken (Issue #550)
* Show docinfo part of docutils output (Issue #556)
* Exit with error code when there is an error (Issue #543)
* Revamped ``requirements.txt`` — now ``requirements.txt`` contains the
required dependencies and ``requirements-full.txt`` contains the
optional ones (Issue #547)
* Fixed bug in example usage of install_theme.
* Better help text for bootswatch command.
* Fixed installation under pip 1.4 or later (pytz and yapsy versions must be
hardcoded due to crazy versioning schemes)
* Added .rst to the default reStructuredText extensions (via Issue #542)
* Moved the sample site to the new one-file format (Issue #542)
* Escape HTML in titles (Issue #537)
* Fixed issues with index pages indices (Issue #532)
* Fixed IPython plugin to work with the latest IPython.nbconvert machinery
* Fixed failing build because of hidden folders and files inside post folder
New in 5.5
* New HIDE_SOURCELINK option (defaults to False)
* Switched theme repo to (Issue #411)
* New (untested) ASCIIDoc compiler
* Display very annoying warning when deploying the nikolademo Disqus account
* New Bulgarian translation
* New man page (created with help2man nikola -N --version-string=5.5) (Issue #460)
* Added "nikola version" command (Issue #504)
* Added more search form examples in (Issue #515)
* Template dependency support for Jinja (by koniiiik, Issue #511)
* New --clean-files option for nikola check
* Support --version on "run" command (Issue #504)
* New Turkish translation.
* New MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS option, defaults to previopus behaviour (Issue #496)
* Posts with dates in the future will be treated as drafts (Implemented by punchagan)
* New "TaskMultiplier" plugin category, takes a task, returns 0 or more new tasks (Issue #483)
* New 'LINK_CHECK_WHITELIST' option for link checker (Issue #477)
* New Croatian translation.
* Jinja-default and jinja-site themes now automatically generated from the Mako versions.
* New Persian translation
* RSS feed now includes post tags (Issue #462)
* Experimental generic RSS/Atom importer (Issue #347)
* PHP support (Issue #313)
* New PRETTY_URLS option (generates slug/index.html instead of slug.html) (Issue #429)
* Added "templates/" folder to template path.
* Keyword metadata support in post pages (Issue #451)
* Improve custom.css detection (Issue #526)
* Fixed bad interaction between 2-file-format and untranslated posts in multilingual sites (Issue #525)
* Workaround in site theme for navbar hiding targets
* Flip index pages order (Issue #521)
* Make txt2tags work again (Issue #520)
* Updated to latest colorbox
* Skip metadata when compiling one-file posts (Issue #508)
* Use schema-relative URL for addthis to avoid insecure page warnings on HTTPS sites (Issue #510)
* Made the gzip plugin generate less confusing task names (no more double colon)
* Made "nikola check -f" respect OUTPUT_DIR
* Customizable teasers were broken (Issue #502)
* Be less invasive when processing rendered HTML (Issue #500)
* Run all tasks that should run (Issue #494, #493)
* Handle timezones in posterous imports (Issue #475)
* Actually ensure LateTasks are run later than Tasks
* Don't add drafts and retired posts to the sitemap (Issue #476)
* Avoid __future__ in because it breaks buildout (Issue #478)
* Use correct source links with PRETTY_URL=True (Issue #474)
* Handle non-ascii path in bundles (Issue #473)
* Handle non-ascii path in plugin loader (Issue #471)
* Handle non-ascii arguments in main (Issue #470)
* Make sitemap depend on file dates (reported by Kay Hayen)
* Better support for non-ascii urlencoded paths in the wp importer (Issue #468)
* Avoid crashing if user does a deploy with no commands
* Strip HTML and BODY tags in Post.text() (Issue #464)
* -f option broken in HTML compiler (Issue #463)
* Don't map empty folders, map folders with index.html, and don't map index.html (Issue #430)
* Wordpress import: write correct redirections for URLs not ending in an / (Issue #459)
New in 5.4.4
* New Japanese translation.
* Nikola check exists with 1 if there is an error
* New HIDE_UNTRANSLATED_POSTS option that ensures you don't have mixed-language pages (Issue #373)
* New theme "site-planetoid" for use with the planetoid plugin.
* New 'retired' tag for posts that should no longer be in feeds.
* Added post data as a uptodate check for mustache (Issue #456)
* Rebuild post pages when the post's translation list changes (Issue #458)
* Handle "-h" (Issue #460)
* Added correct help for console command (Issue #460)
* Escape twittercard data (Issue #452)
* Added missing "twittercard" in story template
* Added support for per-language tags (Issue #450)
* Fix wrong path splitting (Issue #434)
* Remember locale even when set_locale failes (Issue #446)
* Decode path argument in new_post (Issue #442)
* task_indexes had missing config dependencies (Issue #441)
* Removed bogus links to slides assets that were removed
* Compressed files were seen as unknown by "nikola check"
* local search and mustache plugins must be disabled by default (Issue #437)
* Avoid failure if there are no tags and USE_GZIP is enabled (Issue #439)
* Fix aspect ratio detection in Vimeo videos (Issue #440)
* Blogger importer was passing wrong options to "nikola init" (Issue #408)
New in 5.4.3
* Simpler slideshows based on Bootstrap's Carousel
* New CREATE_MONTHLY_ARCHIVE option, defaults to False (Issue #433)
* Added gist support for Markdown.
* New "nocomments" metadata that disables comments for a page/post (Issue #278)
* New HIDE_UNTRANSLATED_POSTS option (does nothing yet)
* New EXTRA_HEAD_DATA option, which adds extra things in <HEAD> (Issue #385)
* Moved translations to
* New custom sitemap generator (Issue #395)
* New STRIP_INDEX_HTML option for cleaner URLs
* New alternative markdown compiler based on misaka
* New "internals" doc
* Place links to RSS feeds more visible to the visitor
* New "template" metadata that changes the template for a page/post (Issue #199)
* Added workaround for when Disqus doesn't support your exact locale
(spanish only at the moment) Issue #389
* Extra plugins can be enabled via
* Password-protected pages.
* Listings CSS fixes (Issue #416)
* If dateutil is installed, try to use it to parse dates (Issue #419)
* Fixed posterous import via import_wordpress (Issue #419)
* Set locale to the value of "lang" in templates, so things like strftime
use localized values. (Issue #368)
* Fixed console command.
* Cleaned up arbitrary metadata.
* Don't crash in posts without actual post text.
* Nicer tag listing.
* Fixed unicode bug in markdown compiler.
* Fixed unicode crash with polish dates and %B (Issue #383)
* Fixed localsearch plugin
* Warn if combining USE_CDN with a theme providing a copy of bootstrap (Issue #386)
* Improved localsearch README
* Updated to Tipue 2.1
* Don't index draft posts for Tipue (Issue #387)
* Modernized all rst extensions, added tests (rbistolfi)
* Removed obsolete custom code-block directive
* New function messages(msgid, lang=current_lang) available for templates
* Fixed teasers (Issue #398)
* Smarter guessing of the default post format (Issue #400)
* Make headings not overlap navbar in site theme.
* Added dummy codeblock fallback for docutils < 0.9
* Detect dependency on included files in rest compiler
* Use gallery path from config
* Don't fail in corrupted images
* Don't assume filenames are ASCII
* Don't crash if sidebar_links is not set for a language.
* All RSS feed links for tags pointed to the DEFAULT_LANG one in some themes.
* and Nikola.path are now locale aware and lang is optional.
* Make docutils a soft requirement
* Normalize paths on task names (Issue #406)
* Updated translations (all 100%!)
* Planetoid requires only 3 runs now ;-)
* Blogger import: imports will not result in an TypeError because str.join expects all it's arguments to be of type str
New in 5.4.2
* Fix relative paths when stories is "dropped to root" (Issue #362)
* Pick translated titles in 1-file posts (Issue #365)
New in 5.4
* Twitter Card / Open Graph support.
* Smart math support
* New soundcloud directive
* Custom "read more" links
* Better time display, timezone support
* Better doit integration (Issue #151)
* Make the whole listings folder browsable (Issue #128)
* New GZIP_FILES/GZIP_EXTENSIONS options to create gzipped copies of some files (Issue #348)
* New optional path parameter to new_post command.
* Wordpress importer: option to not download files
* Wordpress importer: option to squash newlines
* Separated BLOG_URL into SITE_URL and BASE_URL
* Added DISABLED_PLUGINS option (Issue #354)
* Added missing </div> in default theme templates.
* Wordpress import: Description is left empty if no description is found.
* When running the build command it is now possible to get help.
* Load jQuery before bootstrap in JS bundle (Issue #327)
* Generate valid HTML5 for redirects (Issue #276)
* Fixed "nikola check"
* Fixed internationalized RSS links
* Make commands that need to be run in a site fail gracefully (Issue #342)
* Use localized links on lxml fixer
* Redirections created during the import from wordpress are now written to
* Stop parsing metadata in post file on first blank line
* Metadata handling cleanups by Tordek
* Fixed blockquote font size inconsistency
* Wordpress Import: Do not break indentation (issue #189)
* Make things work even if SITE_URL has a path (Fix #307)
New in 5.3
* Bootstrap 2.3.0
* Optionally use content distribution networks for jquery and twitter-bootstrap (USE_CDN option)
* Improve progressive rendering by moving javascript to the bottom of pages
* New Brazilian portuguese translation.
* New planetoid experimental extra_plugin
* Make really sure we import the right
* Make SLUG_TAG_PATH a config dep for most pages
* Removed meta title tag for better HTML validation
* Removed #999 background from footnote backlink.
* Made footnote references be superscripted.
* Centered figure's image and caption.
* Removed outset border from admonitions.
* Use default theme as last resource for messages/translations
* DATE_FORMAT option was being ignored
* Remove trailing "\" on windows gallery links (Issue #298)
* Inconsistent breadcrumbs in gallery pages (Issue #303)
* Use source files as bundle dependencies instead of outputs (Issue #294)
New in 5.2
* New vimeo directive for restructured text.
* One-page, dynamic-loading, client-rendered site plugin (task_mustache)
* Local search based on Tipue (extra_plugins/task_localsearch)
* Recursive post/story folders
* Added comments to image galleries
* Importing Wordpress exports into a custom location
* New option RSS_TEASERS
* Textile markup support.
* Creole Wiki markup support.
* txt2tags markup support.
* bbcode markup support.
* Custom "gist" directive providing reStructured text support for GitHub gists.
* New Catalá translation
* Using the filename as slug if no slug is found in the metadata.
* Make it possible to extract metadata from filename by using regexp.
* When using import_wordpress users can exclude drafts with the ``-d`` switch.
* New STORY_INDEX option to generate index.html in story folders.
* Sort tags case insensitive.
* New polish translation.
* Add multi size favicon support.
* Use multilingual Disqus (although it doesn't seem to work)
* Add Simplified Chinese translations.
* (Rough) Blogger/Blogspot importer
* When running the init command it now creates an empty site by default.
The previous behaviour can be triggered with the "--demo" switch.
* Python 3 support (except for sitemap generation)
* Added sane defaults for most options, so you can have a lean config file.
* Made layout of the site theme responsive, with collapsing navbar.
* Use timeline instead of parsing post_pages in generic_page_renderer and task_render_pages.
* Updated disqus integration code, added identifiers so it works on any URL.
* Make sure folder links end in "/" in the gallery code.
* Removed copy of PyRSS2Gen, made it a dependency.
* Detect "namespace" dependencies for Mako templates.
* Use consistent encodings in RSS feeds.
* Refactored disqus code into separate helpers
* Use the correct extension (or raise an error) on new_post
* Fix titles that include quotes
* Updated to current CSS from docutils (was using version from 2005)
* Avoid needless regeneration of gallery indexes.
* Always ensure the folder for the new post exists.
* Get title from filename if not available in metadata.
* Don't copy sources if they end in ".html"
* Don't link to unexisting translations.
* Sort tags case insensitive.
New in v5.1
* Support for client-side cloud tags
* New ``slides`` directive, for image slideshows.
* New option DATE_FORMAT
* New "nikola console" command
* New option CACHE_FOLDER
* Updated bootstrap to 2.2.2
* Wordpress importer supports redirects
* Wordpress importer creates a url_map for Disqus thread migration
* Wordpress importer: support for [sourcecode]
* Added unstyled theme "orphan", useful as a base for independent themes.
* New "monospace" theme.
* New "Create a Theme From Scratch" tutorial.
* Added ID attribute to gallery images for backlinking.
* Added ALT attribute to gallery images.
* Issue 113: refactored code in Mako templates
* Added newline after metadata in new_post template.
* Issue 112: RSS feeds contained invalid links
* Issue 88: RSS feed validation via lxml
* Isuue 169: build subcommands were broken
* Switched addThis to Peekaboo style, as seen on (seems less broken)
* Remove duplicated sample config file. always build it from template (schettino72)
* Don't use hardcoded path for custom.css (schettino72)
* Wordpress importer: fixed issue 190, convert embedded H1 tags into H2
* Fixed bad interaction with Yapsy 1.10
* More elegant handling of "nikola init"
* Don't crash if there's no assets to copy
New in v5
* Templates now know their name from template_name in their context.
* Made most of Nikola into Yapsy plugins.
* Recurse galleries/ and render each folder as a gallery.
* Breadcrumbs and folder links in image galleries.
* Fixed doc installation
* Put webassets cache in cache/webassets
* Update to doit 0.17
* Don't crash on incomplete translations
* Fixed Issue 160: render_tags didn't call scan_posts()
* Fixed Issue 161: webassets setting USE_BUNDLES was ignored (fix by schettino72)
* Fixed Issue 153: index.txt was being ignored in galleries.
New in Version 4.0.3
* Handle empty posts without crashing.
* Treat wordpress imported posts as Markdown.
* Download attachments from wordpress
* Fix links to attachments so they work
* Change the global/local order of contexts on templates.
* Link tag's feed in tag's pages.
* Fix empty tag feeds.
* Refactored Post out of
New in Version 4.0.2
* Updated to bootstrap 2.1.0
* Italian translation by Pierpaolo Da Fieno
* Index-like tag pages with the TAG_PAGES_ARE_INDEXES option
* import script
* Handle broken EXIF dates
* Ignore .pyc files in the listings folder
* Don't fail on render_pages when there is no content at all
* Don't fail on render_posts when there is no content at all
* Don't fail on render_sources when there is no content at all
* Don't fail on build_bundles when there are no bundles
* Added missing listing.tmpl to jinja-default theme
* Added default for DEFAULT_LANG
* Added default for TRANSLATIONS
* Fixed getting metadata from post file.
* More resistence to broken EXIF data.
* Made jinja-default follow default more closely.
* Don't say "reSt", say "Source" since it can be markdown or other stuff.
New in Version 4.0.1
* Improved multilingual site documentation
* Added Greek translation
* "Read More" is translatable.
* Fixed Issue 121: CSS was not found if webassets was not installed.
New in Version 4
* Previous/Next post links
* Teaser support
* Support posts with HTML "sources"
* Site checking script (nikola_check)
* Maximum image size in galleries
* Image descriptions in galleries
* Image exclusion in galleries
* Special "draft" tag
* Pretty code listings ("code galleries")
* Page descriptions
* Easy theme tuning via Bootswatch
* Support for WebAssets bundles
* "Filters" for powerful file post-processing
* Improved HTML output
* Support multiple time formats in post metadata
* Slugify tag names for URLs
* Archive path and filename configurable
* Galleries sorted by date (supports EXIF)
* Rotate gallery thumbnails (EXIF)
* Tag feeds in tag pages
* Colorbox support in restructured text figures
* Fix for content displaying too wide
* Changelog