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Gridation is a full featured Sass based grid framework built on top of Compass.


Rails 3

For automatic installation edit your Gemfile:

gem 'gridation'

Now run Bundler:

$ bundle install

Add this to a file included in your load path (e.g. config/enviroment.rb or config/initializers/gridation.rb):

require 'gridation'

Add this to load Gridation from your existing Sass file (e.g. app/stylesheets/screen.sass):

@import gridation
@include gridation

Manual Installation

From the command line:

$ gem install gridation

Helpful Links


  • Add common grid sizes (Blueprint clone, gs960 clone, etc.)
  • Mobile support


Gridation was written by David Singer.

David is the lead web developer at Ramaboo.


Based on the 960 Grid System and the Variable Grid System.

Inspired by the design of Blueprint.

Built with Compass and Sass.

A special thanks to Christopher Eppstein and the Compass contributors for their hard work.


Copyright 2009 - 2011 David Singer.

Gridation is released under the MIT License.

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