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Smartcard PKI

Instructions to use two smartcards to create a CA and client cert. As the private keys are stored on the cards, you don't have to be (as) paranoid about their security.

Source: for a very basic PKI

The details:

  1. On the Client card and the Signing CA card

pkcs15-init -E

pkcs15-init --create-pkcs15 -p pkcs15+onepin --pin 1234 --puk 4321

pkcs15-init -G rsa/2048 -i 01 -a 01 -u sign --pin 1234

  1. create dirs and db

mkdir -p ca/signing-ca/db crl certs

chmod 700 ca/signing-ca/private

cp /dev/null ca/signing-ca/db/signing-ca.db

cp /dev/null ca/signing-ca/db/signing-ca.db.attr

echo 01 > ca/signing-ca/db/

echo 01 > ca/signing-ca/db/

  1. with the Signing CA card in the computer...

openssl req -new -config etc/signing-ca.conf -out ca/signing-ca.csr -key slot_1-id_01 -keyform engine -engine pkcs11

openssl ca -selfsign -config etc/signing-ca.conf -in ca/signing-ca.csr -out ca/signing-ca.crt -keyform engine -engine pkcs11 -keyfile slot_1-id_01 -extensions signing_ca_ext

  1. with the Client card in the computer

openssl req -new -config etc/email.conf -out certs/me.csr -key slot_1-id_01 -keyform engine -engine pkcs11

  1. with the Signing CA card back in the computer, issue the client cert

openssl ca -config etc/signing-ca.conf -in certs/me.csr -out certs/me.crt -keyfile slot_1-id_01 -keyform engine -engine pkcs11

  1. also, why not store the CA cert on the CA card

pkcs15-init -X ca/signing-ca.crt -i 01 -a 01

  1. with the Client card in the reader, store the cert on the card

pkcs15-init -X certs/me.crt -i 01 -a 01

  1. Take a look at the pam_pkcs11 setup instructions and use this instead of a self-signed cert