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Rambler&IT is an open source application, which highlights the basic approaches to mobile application architecture used in Rambler&Co. You can download it from the AppStore.

The design map: Design map

Key Features

  • The application is divided into three layers: Presentation, BusinessLogic and Core.
  • The Presentation layer is built using VIPER architecture.
  • The BusinessLogic layer is built using SOA.
  • The Core layer is built using compound operations concept.
  • We extensively use Typhoon framework for dependency injection.


The application uses staging API which is not available outside our private network at the moment. We'll make it public really soon.


Install Carthage before launching the project. You can use Homebrew and install the Carthage tool on your system simply by running brew update and brew install carthage. (note: if you previously installed the binary version of Carthage, you should delete /Library/Frameworks/CarthageKit.framework). More info about Carthage installation you can find here.

Run pod install before launching the project. All of inner dependencies are public.




Egor Tolstoy, Artem Karpushin, Konstantin Zinovyev and the rest of Rambler.iOS Team.