Text is read-only error in minibuffer #3

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This is my setup:

(require 'ido)
(ido-mode t)

When using C-x C-f the current path is displayed in the minibuffer like:


Usually <backspace> removes the top-level directory from that path:


When textmate mode is enabled, it displays an error instead:

Text is read-only

And it doesn't allow me to go to the parent directory.

Here's a patch:

diff --git a/textmate.el b/textmate.el
index 5b5cb27..8efa5ea 100644
--- a/textmate.el
+++ b/textmate.el
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ chars are not auto-inserted in major-mode"

 (defun tm/minor-mode-auto-on ()
   "Turn on TM minor mode unless `tm/dont-activate' is set to t."
-  (unless tm/dont-activate
+  (unless (or tm/dont-activate (minibufferp))

 (defun tm/minor-mode-on ()
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